26 Lug 2021 09:00



First edition of Veneto art summer school concluded successfully on July 29.

Italian Film Summer School Veneto called “The Life in Walled Cities” is a summer school. This year it was realized on line, in direct connection with the Cinese students, followed by the new ART SUMMER SCHOOL 2021 (online) project in collaboration with Region Veneto and Association walled Cities Veneto supporting board, for the creation of Documentaries and promo videos in VR,  with the participation of professors and students from the University Ca' Foscari of Venice and from United International College, Hong Kong Baptist University, Beijing Normal University.

Organizing commitee:
Massimiliano D'Ambra and Vincenzo De Masi, Directors and founders of Italy Summer Documentary Program
Ligia Maria Moretto, Coordinator of the bachelor Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage of the Department SMN, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Objective: Evaluation of the conservation state of a recently found set of work, sketches and  paintings,  by a Paduan painter, Antonio Grinzato (Padua, 1874-1926 ). During the summer school the methods of historical and artistic study, scientific techniques for the diagnostics, and restoration were presented and a work plan for the realization of the restoration was prepared. Next summer a second edition of the Art summer school will be in the presence of Chinese students (we hope...). Analysis, cleaning and consolidation of some works were done in the Giovanna Niero's restoration laboratory. 

Monica Pregnolato, Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscap
Giulio Petrobelli, art historian
Ligia Maria Moretto and Eleonora Balliana professors of the bachelor course of STBC. Ca' Foscari
Giovanna Niero, Restaurer


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Associazione delle città murate del Veneto in collaborazione con il DSMN


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