30 Nov 2023 13:00

Karoline Strauss | Complementarity in Future Work Selves

San Giobbe - Room Saraceno

Complementarity in Future Work Selves: How networks of cognitive representations of the future influence individuals’ ability to manage their career
h. 13.00 - 14.00
Management Lectures by Karoline Strauss, ESSEC Business School, Paris.

In this paper, we explore how more or less complementary future selves impact people’s efforts and capability to work towards their desired future career. We conceptualize and operationalize a future self as a network of future-oriented cognitive representations, and complementarity as the extent of mutually beneficial connections in this network. Across a series of studies, we find that future self complementarity is positively related to people’s ability to adaptively and proactively manage their career. Our work contributes to network perspectives on the self and advances our understanding of how people’s more or less complementary view of who they want to be influences their efforts to “become” what they imagine.

The lecture is in person.


L'evento si terrà in inglese


Dipartimento di Management/ Venice School of Management


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