02 Dic 2022 09:00

The multiple facets of rarity. New paths for research on gems and gemstones

Aula Mario Baratto, Ca’ Foscari, Dorsoduro 3246, Venezia and online

Prejudices against preciousness and the role of materials have particularly affected the study of gems and gemstones, along with the longstanding association with auratic and conservative spheres. These premises significantly contributed to the low ranking of gems in twentieth-century art scholarship, together with disciplinary distinctions that did not facilitate the full understanding of these artifacts. However, the growing interest in issues such as mobility, materiality, provenance, social networks, the biography of objects, technological transfers (and innovations), the tangible forms of distinction and inequality, the fluidity of pre-global culture and the diversity of pre-modern paradigms of knowledge open up new avenues for research on gems, gemstones and objects in / similar to / decorated with rare stones. This symposium aims to gather ideas and contributions to reframe the study of gems and gemstones, to outline its potentials, to illustrate work in progress and to point out gaps and desiderata in terms that can address scholars with diverse backgrounds. It is also the first event in a series that will be organized in cooperation with the Staatliche Münzsammlung Munich.

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L'evento si terrà sia in italiano che in inglese.


L'evento si terrà in inglese


Dipartimento Filosofia e Beni Culturali, Staatliche Münzsammlung Munich


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