Alessandra BUCOSSI

Associate Professor
Rector's Delegate to Ca' Foscari Active Teaching Laboratories (CLab) and New International Teaching Experiments.
Studio C210 - 2° Piano: 041 234 6320
Scientific sector (SSD)
Website (personal record)
Department of Humanities
Where: Malcanton Marcorà

Office hours

Office hours (during the 2nd semester 2023/24) are on  Wednesday 17:30-19:30.  Please, send an email in order to arrange an appointment.

The teacher follows bachelor's and master's degree theses dedicated to the social and religious history of the Byzantine Empire; to Byzantine literature; to Byzantine philology (editions and translations of texts).
Students who intend to dedicate their dissertation to the Byzantine world must know Classical Greek or have attended the two introductory courses to the Greek language.
The teacher accompanies the students during face-to-face personal meetings introducing the research work, discussing the structure of the thesis, and correcting the partial essays that must be submitted in advance. Therefore, students are invited to plan well in advance the research work, the time required for meetings with the supervisor and the time for drafting and correcting the final thesis.
The degree thesis must be completed 30 days before the "uploading period" so that the supervisor can read and correct the final disseration and that the student can make the necessary corrections.
Word limits: BA 15/20.000 words; MA 20/25.000 words.

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