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Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
2022 Articolo su rivista Maffezzoli, N. and Cook, E. and van der Bilt, W. G. M. and St{\o}ren, E. W. N. and Festi, D. and Muthreich, F. and Seddon, A. W. R. and Burgay, F. and Baccolo, G. and Mygind, A. R. F. and Petersen, T. and Spolaor, A. and Vascon, S. and Pelillo, M. and Ferretti, P. and dos Reis, R. S. and Sim\~oes, J. C. and Ronen, Y. and Delmonte, B. and Viccaro, M. and Steffensen, J. P. and Dahl-Jensen, D. and Nisancioglu, K. H. and Barbante, C. Detection of ice core particles via deep neural networks in THE CRYOSPHERE DISCUSSIONS, vol. 2022, pp. 1-37 (ISSN 1994-0440)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/5008900
2021 Articolo su rivista Nardin R.; Severi M.; Amore A.; Becagli S.; Burgay F.; Caiazzo L.; Ciardini V.; Dreossi G.; Frezzotti M.; Hong S.-B.; Khan I.; Narcisi B.M.; Proposito M.; Scarchilli C.; Selmo E.; Spolaor A.; Stenni B.; Traversi R. Dating of the GV7 East Antarctic ice core by high-resolution chemical records and focus on the accumulation rate variability in the last millennium in CLIMATE OF THE PAST, vol. 17, pp. 2073-2089 (ISSN 1814-9324)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3745842
2021 Articolo su rivista Burgay F.; Barbaro E.; Cappelletti D.; Turetta C.; Gallet J.-C.; Isaksson E.; Stenni B.; Dreossi G.; Scoto F.; Barbante C.; Spolaor A. First discrete iron(II) records from Dome C (Antarctica) and the Holtedahlfonna glacier (Svalbard) in CHEMOSPHERE, vol. 267, pp. 129335 (ISSN 0045-6535)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3735311
2021 Articolo su rivista Feltracco M.; Barbaro E.; Spolaor A.; Vecchiato M.; Callegaro A.; Burgay F.; Varde M.; Maffezzoli N.; Dallo F.; Scoto F.; Zangrando R.; Barbante C.; Gambaro A. Year-round measurements of size-segregated low molecular weight organic acids in Arctic aerosol in SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, vol. 763 (ISSN 0048-9697)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3736256
2021 Abstract in Atti di convegno Maffezzoli Niccolò and Storen Eivind and van der Bilt Willem and Cook Eliza and Festi Daniela and Seddon Alistair and Burgay Francois and Baccolo Giovanni and Spolaor Andrea and Vascon Sebastiano and Pelillo Marcello and Ferretti Patrizia and Delmonte Barbara and Steffensen Joergen Peder and Dahl-Jensen Dorthe and Nisancioglu Kerim and Barbante Carlo Autonomous detection of ice core particles via deep learning , AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, ADS, vol. 2021, pp. 1026-1026, Convegno: AGU Fall Meeting 2021
- Scheda ARCA: 10278/5004827
2019 Articolo su rivista Burgay F.; Erhardt T.; Lunga D.D.; Jensen C.M.; Spolaor A.; Vallelonga P.; Fischer H.; Barbante C. Fe 2+ in ice cores as a new potential proxy to detect past volcanic eruptions in SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, vol. 654, pp. 1110-1117 (ISSN 0048-9697)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3724402
2019 Abstract in Atti di convegno Fabrizio de Blasi, Jacopo Gabrieli, Alexander Zhuravlev, Stefano Urbini, François Burgay, Rachele Lodi, Federico Dallo, Andrea Spolaor, Renato R. Colucci, Carlo Barbante Mt. Grand Combin ice core: correspondence among meteorological, morphological and geophysical evidence with ice core analysis , Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 21, EGU2019-14393-2, 2019, EGU General Assembly, Convegno: EGU General Assembly 2019, 7–12 Aprile 2019
- URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3725471
2018 Articolo su rivista Vecchiato, Marco*; Barbaro, Elena; Spolaor, Andrea; Burgay, Francois; Barbante, Carlo; Piazza, Rossano; Gambaro, Andrea Fragrances and PAHs in snow and seawater of Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard): Local and long-range contamination in ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, vol. 242, pp. 1740-1747 (ISSN 0269-7491)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3711129