DINDO Pietro Dino Enrico

Full Professor
Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Economics
041 234 9166
041 2349176
Scientific sector (SSD)
www.unive.it/persone/pietro.dindo (personal record)
Department of Economics
Website: https://www.unive.it/dep.economics
Where: San Giobbe
Research Institute
Research Institute for Complexity

Office hours

Office hours a.y. 2021/22 - 2nd-semester
During the semester, office hours are held by appointment in my office on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 am. Please write an email at least one day before if you are planning to come.
Thesis supervision
I supervise bachelor and master theses in the area of microeconomics, financial economics, and, partly, macroeconomics, preferring a theoretical and quantitative approach. For the bachelor theses, I expect the student to propose a topic of interest, also considering his/her subsequent course of study and/or professional career. It can be the deepening of a topic treated only superficially during the courses of microeconomics or financial economics (or other courses) or a topical issue to be analyzed with the knowledge and skills developed during the student's studies. For the master's theses, the choice of the topic arises from the interaction between the interests of the student with my own research themes.

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