Simone RIGHI

Adjunct Professor
041 234 6915
Scientific sector (SSD)
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Research Institute for Complexity

Office hours

Office Hours:
During the lecture period, the office hour is Thursday from 13:00 to 14.30. For Organizational purposes, if you want to come to the office hour, please book by email at least one day before. Outside the teaching period, please write me to fix a meeting.
Dissertations supervision
I am interested in supervising both bachelor and master dissertations on the topics related to cooperation among individuals, companies, or nations and on the behavioral, cultural, relational, and economic determinants of pro-social behavior (altruism). For master dissertations, I’m particularly interested in the development of mathematical, computational, or agent-based models to study the aforementioned topics as well as the network influence on economic results and more in general the study of complex systems. I expect the student interested in these topics at a master level to know how to code in some programming language (e.g. Python, R, Matlab, C, Java, Netlogo are equally good), or be willing to learn autonomously during the dissertation period. For master dissertations it is necessary a preliminary discussion either in presence of via zoom, to discuss and elaborate the topic. Bachelor dissertations can focus on the study of specific aspects of behavioral economics/sciences, on the analysis of the literature and of the models on these topics, and/or on specific cases of economic analysis. For an (almost) complete list of the dissertations I supervised  in the past:

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