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Member of the Joint Teaching Affairs Committee of the Department of Economics
Department's Delegate for Teacher Training
041 234 6923
Scientific sector (SSD)
Metodi matematici dell'economia e delle scienze attuariali e finanziarie [STAT-04/A]
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Department of Economics
Where: San Giobbe

Office hours

Department of Economics - San Giobbe, Economics Campus, Venezia - room 117, first floor, Building C2
Office hours A.Y. 2023-24: 
Wednesday,  from 11:00 to 13:00
in presence, to be fixed in advance via email; also via Zoom (send an email to the teacher at least 24 hours in advance).
Please check for announcements in the COMUNICAZIONI section.

Thesis supervision
Bachelor and Master thesis works are supervised in the field of Mathematical Methods for Economics, with particular attention to Decision Theory, to the analysis of Optimization Models in Microeconomics and Insurance, to Multi-Attribute Analysis, both from a theoretical point of view and possible applications.
Students are invited to propose in-depth subjects, the final topic and the thesis project will then be agreed on the basis of the common interests and of the student's knowledge of the thesis sector. With Master's students, work can be conducted both theoretically and empirically.

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