Position Full Professor
Telephone 041 234 9162
Fax 041 234 9176
Scientific sector (SSD) ECONOMIA POLITICA [SECS-P/01]
Website (personal record)
Office Department of Economics
Where: San Giobbe
Office Ca' Foscari International College
Research Institute Research Institute for Social Innovation

Office Hours

Published on 14/09/2021

I am holding office hours as follows. Please let me know via email if you want to tale part.

NOTE: students of the EC_L&W course LT9023 who are entitled to attend lectures remotely and need to go over the lecture's materilal should let me know in adavance.

Sept 22 - h : 5 pm (via zoom)

Oct 1   - h: 11:00 am (via zoom)

Oct 6   - h: 5:00 pm (via zoom)

Oct 15   - h: 5:30 pm (via zoom)

Oct 22   - h: 5:00 pm (via zoom)

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