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LLEAP exam part A and part B samples

Published on 12/11/2019

LLEAP exam part A sample and sample B


LLEAP exam information

Published on 12/11/2019

  The written exam will be divided into two parts: part A and part B.


Part A consists in a 400-word academic essay in English on one of the class texts.  Students are required to write an academic essay on one of the following three class texts: Alys Conran Pigeon or Moshin Hamid's the Reluctant Fundamentalist or Monica Ali's Brick Lane.

Part B consists in the translation of a text from Italian to English. Printed Billingual and monolingual dictionaries are permitted.

Each part lasts 90 minutes. 

Non-attendees must sit both parts A and B.

Attendees who have completed the continuous assessment writing task sit only part B - translation from Italian to English.

For non-native speakers of Italian there is an alternative paper B where you are required to write an additional general academic essay instead of doing the translation paper. Please see attachment below for an example of the alternative stand-alone academic essay for non-native speakers.

In part A you are permitted to have a copy of both class texts. These are permitted to let you refer to the books correctly in your essay - in terms of direct quotes and paraphrasing. You will also be permitted to use printed dictionaries in part A.

NB. These texts and dictionaries should contain no printed or handwritten notes inside whatsoever. Any texts or dictionaries containing extra notes will not be permitted under any circumstances. In part B you are permitted to use any printed monolingual, bilingual dictionary or thesaurus you wish. No electronic dictionaries or devices of any nature are permitted during the examination.










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