Carbon Footprint Calculator

Ca' Foscari, developed a Carbon Footprint Calculator, an interactive tool with which you can assess your own environmental impact measured in CO2 equivalent with the aim of favouring the building of a sustainability consciousness and the spread of sustainable behaviours in the Ca' Foscari community.

The first version of the Carbon Footprint Calculator as been launched in July 2011, in june 2015 the calculator has been completely redesinged, not only to make it more beautiful and more functional in terms of graphics with responsive design, but adding elements of gamification between users and giving the opportunity to share their results on the major social networks. The revision has been done by Fabio Pittarello, reasercher of the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics and Tommaso Pellegrini a Ca' Foscari student enrolled on Computer Science master's degree.

Calculate your own carbon footprint

Calculating your own carbon footprint is important for two reasons:

  • to understand how much we weigh on the environment
  • to individuate the areas of reduction and saving of our environmental footprint

All user can calculate their carbon footprint, answering a breif survey about daily habits.

Register Ca' Foscari users can also see the previous answers, set improvement goals and race with the other Ca' Foscari communities in order to become more sustainable.

Carbon Footprint Calculator