Calculate the environmental impact of your home-university commute

Ca' Foscari, in collaboration with the spin-off Green Decision, has developed an application for calculating how much CO2 is generated by the home-university commute of Ca' Foscari’s community. The aim of this app is to raise awareness of the environmental impact caused by our mobility, and to highlight that different means of transport have different impact.

How does it work?

To calculate your carbon footprint and find out how much CO2 is emitted with your home-to-university journeys, simply enter:

  • the distance in km;
  • the means of transport you use to cover the longest stretch of your commute;
  • your weekly presence in office (percentage of time)

Once the input data is confirmed, the carbon footprint will appear. It will be displayed both in absolute numbers, i.e. quantified in kg of CO2 equivalent emitted on a weekly basis, and visualised in a diagram showing the Carbon Budget you 'consume' individually for travel.

What is a Carbon Budget?

It is the amount of CO2 that humanity can still emit in order to keep the average temperature rise within the limits defined by international agreements. Estimates are calculated on an individual’s annual Carbon Budget to 2050, and based on emissions linked to land mobility only.

This information tells us the impact of individual home-university mobility behaviour in relation to the target of keeping the global temperature rise in 2050 within +1.5°C and +2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

The sources for the emission factors are the following:

What can I do to reduce my carbon footprint?

Choose the less impactful means of transport whenever you can. Below are the emission factors relating to the impact of various means of transport, grouped by type and calculated in terms of kg of CO2 equivalent per km travelled:

  • Bicycle/Walking/Kick scooter: 0.000
  • Train: 0.0083
  • Tram/Bus/Vaporetto: 0.021
  • Electric/hybrid car: 0.063
  • Motorbike: 0.114
  • Petrol/diesel/methane/LPG car: 0.179

Last update: 02/07/2024