The term BookCrossing define projects aimed to the exchange and the sharing of books, that are spreading all over the world.

Sustainable Ca' Foscari in collaboration with the Departments, the Schools and the University Librarian Sistem, promoted the realization of a BookCrossing corner in many university buldings in order to encourage the sharing of knowledge and cultural exchange, promoting at the same time the reuse of paper resources, in line with University sustainable policies.

The BookCrossing corners are signaled by the yellow running book, international symbol of the initiative, and all the released books have a label that indicates that are not abandoned books but "traveling" books.

The initiative is completely free and open to all: everyone could take one or more books and release others.

BookCrossing points

  • Ca' Foscari main building: Entrance hall
  • Palazzo Vendramin: 1° floor, beside Hall B
  • Ca' Bernardo: Hall in front of the entrance of the Library of Linguistic Area
  • Malcanton Marcorà: Ground floor, vending machines area
  • Malcanton-Marcorà: Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, 3rd floor, next to the research office
  • Ca' Foscari Zattere: Library entrance
  • Scientific Campus: Alfa building, Ground floor, entrance of the Scientific Area Library
  • Treviso Campus: On the outside
  • San Giobbe Economic Campus: Department of Management, ground floor
  • San Giobbe Economic Campus: Department of Economics, ground floor D Building
  • San Sebastiano: Ground floor, main entrance

Last update: 19/06/2024