VEiL training future Remote sensing experts

MC Ambassador activities at Primary School SM Goretti (Mestre)

MC Fellow Dr Arianna Traviglia and colleague Dr Claudio Silvestri (DAIS, UniVe) visited today the Primary School Santa Maria Goretti in Mestre (Venice) as part of the MC fellow's activities as a MC Ambassador.
The young and enthusiastic students were introduced to the principles of Remote Sensing archaeology, learned a lot about detecting buried archaeological sites using satellite imagery and understood better the work of a researcher. Google Earth was used during the session: the young wannabe-archaeologists got quickly used to search for buried sites and explored archaeological landscapes in Italy, Middle East, UK and Brazil. The BAS (Scientific Area Library) of the University Ca' Foscari of Venice collaborated to the organisation of the MC Ambassador's day by providing the laptops used by the students. About 80% of them declared after the class that they will become archaeologists when they will grow up.
MSCA fellows’ activities as Ambassadors are meant to provide a role model to inspire the young generation to become scientists and researchers, and promote such careers by sharing their testimonials and encourage students’ interest in research.