A multidisciplinary team, merging professional skills with a range of specializations and academic backgrounds, is one of the strengths of Ciset. 

These researchers and professionals combine experience, ability and innovation capacity to respond to the specific needs of governments, institutions and companies.

Mara Manente

Economic background. More than 20 years’ experience in research and consultancy on the macro-economic aspects of tourism, tourism statistics collection and tourism demand analysis and forecasting. Advisor for international and national institutions, such as UNWTO, EC, Eurostat and ISTAT

Valeria Minghetti

Graduated in Economics with a specialization in Tourism Economics. More than 15 years’ experience in national and international projects. Expertise in tourism demand and market trends analysis, economic impact of tourism at different territorial scales, application of IT innovation in the travel and tourism industry, tourism and transports.

Sabrina Meneghello

Background in philosophy and a Master in Tourism Economics and Management. Main field of interest: cultural heritage and tourism; museum management; event tourism; gastronomy and tourism; tourism planning and development.

Federica Montaguti

Background in languages and social science, a Master in Tourism Economics and Management. Main field of interest: destination development and competitiveness analysis; marketing strategies; education and human resources; business succession in tourism enterprises 


Damiano De Marchi
Damiano De Marchi

Damiano De Marchi

Background in Tourism Economics and Management. Professional experience in Marketing Advisory, Data Analysis and International Events Management. At CISET he is researcher, project manager on FSE/FESR projects and consultant to private bodies and destinations. Senior lecturer and professional trainer on: economics and management, destinations marketing and branding, business development. Speaker at National/International conferences. Founder of Touriscamp, business coaching for startups. Statistics Expert on UNWTO/ITC Project for the Development of a Strenghtened System of Tourism Statistics for Myanmar.

Erica Mingotto

Background in Tourism Economics. Main research interests: sustainable development in tourism, responsible tourism and CSR; assessment of effectiveness and efficiency of public actions in tourism 

Marta Masè

Tutor of Ciset Master Course in Tourism Economics and Management

Silvia Begelle

Ciset office management and administration

Francesca Crespan

Master office management and administration 

Leonardo Borgo

Junior digital communication specialist. Background in Cultural Heritage and Design. Main field of interest: protection of cultural and environmental goods, sustainable and responsible tourism, tourism communication, design and social media.

Last update: 07/07/2020