Enrolling onto more degree programmes

Announcement: modalities and timing for the application of the new Law n. 33 of 12th of April 2022 "Disposizioni in materia di iscrizione contemporanea a due corsi di istruzione superiore" (about simultaneous enrolment in two higher education courses) will be published soon after the emanation of the necessary implementing decrees.

When is it possible?

If you are enrolled on one of the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s/Specialised Degree
  • Degrees of the Old Order (ante D.M. 509/1999)
  • PhD
  • Graduate School
  • First or Second-level Master’s Degree
  • Active Educational Trainings (TFA)

you are allowed simultaneous enrolment  exclusively to one of the following courses:

  • Training courses and higher university training courses that do not expect the issue of an academic title
  • Courses of an institute of higher education in art and dance (D.M. 28 September 2011)
  • Single courses (if you are enrolled in a study programme at Ca’ Foscari, as long as you are regulated with the university tuition fees)

Furthermore, it is possible to attend two PhD courses together in the case of international agreements of thesis co-tutelage

In all cases, simultaneous enrolment at different Italian or foreign universities, or of university institutes and specialised schools, is forbidden, as well as different study courses at the same university (Royal Decree 21st August 1933 n.1532, art. 142).

Furthermore, if you have research support, you cannot be enrolled onto degree programmes, Master’s/Specialised Degree, PhD for research with grant or specialised medicine, in Italy or abroad (Law 30th December 2010 n. 240, art. 22).

If you are enrolled in a study course and you want to enrol on another course for which simultaneous enrolment is not provided, you can suspend your first course, according to the specific national regulations or the university, or move towards closing your studies by withdrawing yourself from the studies before enrolling onto the second course.

You can find more information on course suspension and withdrawal at the following pages:

Last update: 22/06/2022