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Bachelor's Degree Programmes a.y. 2018/2019

Sciences of Society and Social Service

Master's Degree Programmes a.y. 2018/2019

Governance of Public Organizations
Work, Social Citizenship, Interculturality

International Studies and Globalization

Preservation and Management of Cultural Heritage

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The Active Learning Centre adopts an innovative teaching approach whereby participants are actively involved in the production of knowledge (learning by doing). It replaces classroom-based lessons with interactive, experience-oriented, interdisciplinary teaching promoting innovation processes dealing with real-life cases in an open, creative context that is both responsive and trust-inspiring. With the support of their lecturers, students embark upon a process of discovery that will put them to the test and make them become more self-aware as well as helping them to acquire cross-disciplinary competences useful for the world of work.
The Active Learning Centre activities are open to students enrolled in or graduating from Master’s degree programmes in all disciplinary areas and from all universities (unless otherwise stated in the webpages of the single activities concerned).

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