Organometallic and Bio-organometallic Chemistry Group

Research group

Fabiano Visentin, Associate Professor
Claudio Santo, Technical Staff

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Research topics

The two main lines of research concern:

  • Synthesis and reactivity of novel organometallic complexes of the 10° and 11° group. The reactivity of such compounds, of great current interest for the organic synthesis promoted or catalyzed by transition metals, is studied from the kinetic, thermodynamic and mechanistic points of view by instrumental techniques (UV-Vi, IR, NMR, conductivity and potentiometry). Efficient numerical data analysis based on mathematical and statistical computer methods implements the experimental results (Organometallic Chemometrics). Computational quantum mechanical modelling methods (DFT) is also widely used.
  • Preparation of organometallic derivatives of late transition metal for pharmaceutical use. In particular we direct our attention to compounds with anti-proliferative activity against cancer cells.

Last update: 08/05/2024