Alias student career

The university guarantees that students who need to use a name other than their registered one - within the University and exclusively in relation to their academic career - will be able to enjoy a serene study environment that is attentive to the protection of privacy and the dignity of the individual, in which interpersonal relations are characterised by fairness, mutual respect for freedom and human dignity in accordance with Italian law 164/1982.

An alias career is therefore envisaged, consisting of the assignment of a provisional, transitional, non-consolidated identity reserved exclusively for one's academic career.

Duration and Modalities

You can activate the alias career by filling in the appropriate form. This is followed by the signing of a confidentiality agreement with the University, containing the elements characterising the alias career. The agreement defines the conditions of use of the alias identity within the University.

You can request activation of your alias career at any time after enrolment.


If you activate the alias career, you will be followed/supervised by an administrative tutor in your university paperwork and you will receive an identification card bearing your student number, surname and chosen name. The card can only be used within the University and cannot replace the CartaConto in its role as a prepaid card.

Your alias career will remain active for the duration of your actual career. In any case, please note that certificates issued by the University for external use refer exclusively to your legally recognised personal identity and that the University cannot produce any attestation or certification concerning your alias career. 

Please remember to:

  • Give the University prior and timely notice of your intention to carry out any activities within the University that have external relevance (e.g., participation in internships, participation in international mobility projects, application for scholarships), undertaking to check and agree with your administrative tutor whether and how it is possible to follow up your requests by continuing to use your elective identity;
  • Inform the University of any situation that may alter the contents and validity of the confidential agreement. In particular, remember to promptly communicate the issuance of the sex, gender and name rectification ruling by the Court, in case you have taken this route. Indeed, if a gender change ruling is issued, your alias career will be closed, and your career record will be updated. In the event that the ruling is issued after you have obtained your degree, all career records will be deemed to refer to your actual biographical data; consequently, the certificates will be updated and a new degree parchment will be drawn up.

Last update: 21/05/2024