Early Modern Cosmology:  
Institutions and Metaphysics   

The Early Modern Cosmology research endeavour is concerned with a comparative inquiry into early-modern cosmologies in their institutional, political, religious and ideological settings.

Our inquiry asseses epistemic networks and their concrete reconstruction in trying to provide materials for a better understanding of the mechanisms of scientific transactions in general. Science is here understood as a contested field, which in early Modernity involved confessional struggles for cultural hegemony; it was articulated and transformed through its circulation within international scholarly and academic networks. This socio-political perspective calls for a philosophical clarification at the political-epistemological level to tackle the relation of institutions and metaphysics.

To this purpose we envisage an integrative work on sources and case studies as well as on the problem of history and philosophy of science. This integrative approach is mirrored by two open access book, which are supported:

  • Knowledge Hegemonies in the Early Modern World
  • Verum Factum. Studies and Sources on Political Epistemology