News and events

The project activities comprise:

  1. Workshops & Symposia in Venice with external guests;
  2. Colloquia in Venice with presentations and papers by group members. 

Workshops & Symposia in Venice

file pdf2023, April 20th
Omar Rodríguez - School of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) - Nature and government of the New World. From alternative cosmographies to the transformation of the Basin of Mexico
1.74 M
file pdf2023, March 16th
Giovanni Ceccarelli (Parma) - Marine insurance and the culture of risk in late-medieval Florence
1.29 M
file pdf2023, February 23rd
Meghan Robison (Montclair State Univ.) - Erasmo Castellani (Duke University)
Robison: “Leviathan through the cannocchiale: On the Galilean foundations of Hobbes’ later political thought”
Castellani: “Paolo Sarpi between theoretical discussions and empirical explanations. Epistemological considerations on Della Podestà de’ Prencipi and Dominio del Mare Adriatico”
2.22 M
file pdf2022, December 7th
Jennifer Rampling (Princeton) - Matter of State: Experimenting with Alchemical Imagery in Reformation England
793 K
file pdf2022, November 10th
Seminar series "Crisis and Change in Early Modernity: Knowledge, Practice, Governance" - The Life and circumstances of Jacques du Roure (1621-1683?), or: How to make a living from teaching Cartesian philosophy? Sophie Roux (École Normale Supérieure)
542 K
file pdf2022, November 3rd
Seminar series "Crisis and Change in Early Modernity: Knowledge, Practice, Governance" - Mechanism and chemistry in early modern Italy. Antonio Clericuzio (Università Roma 3)
1.00 M
file pdf2022, October 12th-14th
Scientific Cosmopolitanism in the University Culture of Early Modern Padua
2.23 M
file pdf2022, September 12th-15th
International Society for Intellectual History conference Venice 2022 - Histories of Knowledge: Political, Historical and Cultural Epistemologies in Intellectual History
1.29 M
file pdf2022, June 14th
Does a Critique of Ideology need a concept of truth? Lessons from the early 20th century. Christoph Henning (Max-Weber-Kolleg der Universität Erfurt)
0.94 M
file pdf2022, May 31st
Rethinking the history of deep time. Ivano dal Prete (Yale University)
450 K
file pdf2022, May 17th
The Origins of Mechanical Philosophy. Mattia Mantovani (KU Leuven)
547 K
file pdf2022, May 3rd
A Marginalization of Astrology in the Age of Enlightenment? The alternative of Giuseppe Toaldo’s astro-meteorology and the appearance of the science of the influence of the stars. Simon Dolet (Universitè Côte d’Azur)
808 K
file pdf2022, April 19th
Secunda et adversa fortuna. The Debate in 18th-century German Philosophy and its Cosmological Implications. Paola Rumore (Università di Torino)
884 K
file pdf2022, March 22th
Telesio’s Nature: One and Three. Guido Giglioni (Università di Macerata) - What’s in a recipe? Texts and replications Lawrence Principe (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)
588 K
file pdf2022, March 15th
Kant on Humanity, Diversity and Human Value. Catherine Wilson (Emerita, University of York)
0.97 M
file pdf2022, February 22th
Kant’s Universal Natural History: Between Astronomy and Rational Cosmology. Stephen Howard (KU Leuven)
855 K
file pdf2022, February 8th
When rays puncture bodies: Digby contra Descartes. Laura Georgescu (University of Groningen)
701 K
file pdf2022, January 25th
On Newton’s mathematical writings: disciplinary boundaries, unity, writing practices, and styles. Niccolò Guicciardini (University of Milan La Statale)
598 K
file pdf2022, January 11th
Criminals, Saints and A Couple of Vampires. The Natural, the Preternatural and the Supernatural in the Different Early Modern European Cultural Contexts. Francesco Paolo de Ceglia (University of Bari)
911 K


2021, September 18th – December 31st

CFZ Cultural Flow Zone - Tesa 1 – Venezia

This exhibition consists in a series of images and prints about the life and work of the greatest astronomer of the Renaissance, the Polish Nicolaus Copernicus – the discoverer of modern heliocentrism who spent fundamental formative years in the Italian universities of Padua, Bologna and Ferrara. It is a realization of the Nicolaus Copernicus Foundation of Lubawa (Poland) in collaboration with the ERC EarlyModernCosmology project (Ca’ Foscari University Venice).

file pdf2021, December 14th
Necro-Hydrology. Ifor Duncan (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - Department of Economics)
0.98 M
file pdf2021, November 30th
Borelli and the 1669 Eruption of Etna. Antonio Clericuzio (Università Roma 3)
1.06 M
file pdf2021, November 16th
The Political Epistemology of AI. Matteo Pasquinelli (University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe)
571 K
file pdf2021, November 2nd
Neque mare viderunt, neque diagrammata: Picturing Space in Modern Geometry. Vincenzo De Risi (CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris)
0.99 M
file pdf2021, October 21st
Rethinking Early Modern Empiricism. Charles T. Wolfe (Université Toulouse II Jean Jaurès)
630 K
file pdf2021, October 5th
A Reassessment of Marcuse’s Perspective on Science, Technology and Society. Andrew Feenberg (School of Communication - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)
716 K
file pdf2021, September 30h
Crisis Memory and Oblivion in Machiavelli and Bruno. Giulio Gisondi (Istituto Italiano di Studi Filosofici, Napoli)
751 K
file pdf2021, September 17th
Occasionalism and Its Trends in Natural Philosophy. Maria Emanuela Scribano (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Christian Henkel (RUG University of Groningen), Mariangela Priarolo (Independent Scholar), Bauke Wielinga (RUG University of Groningen), Andrea Sangiacomo (RUG University of Groningen).
1.67 M
file pdf2021, June 30th-July 1st - Interactive Online Workshop
Political epistemology facing biopolitics: Canguilhemian perspectives. L’épistémologie politique face à la biopolitique: perspectives canguilhemiennes. Giulia Gandolfi (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia-Université Paris 1), Gerardo Ienna (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia), Charles Wolfe (Université Toulouse), Giuseppe Bianco (Ghent University), Annagiulia Canesso (Università di Padova), Monica Greco (Goldsmiths, University of London), Emiliano Sfara (Universidade de São Paulo), Elsa Dorlin (Université Toulouse), Luca Paltrinieri (Université de Rennes 1), Andrea Angelini (Université Paris 8 – Università di Firenze), Ferhat Taylan (Université Bordeaux-Montaigne), Benedetta Piazzesi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa).
539 K
file pdf2021, June 17-18th - Interactive Online Workshop
Venice-Bucharest Online Workshop in Early Modern Cosmology. Cartesian Physics and Their Receptions: Intellectual and Institutional Contexts. June 17: Andrea Strazzoni (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Pietro Omodeo (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Fabrizio Badassarri (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Mihnea Dobre (University of Bucharest), Ioana Bujor (University of Bucharest), Rodolfo Garau (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Omar Del Nonno (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Ovidiu Babes (University of Bucharest), Grigore Vida (University of Bucharest). June 18: Roundtable discussion
0.99 M
file pdf2021, April 29th - Interactive Online Workshop
"Natural Resources in Early Modern Economies of Knowledge" - Tina Asmussen (Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum / Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Sebastian Felten (University of Vienna), Helge Wendt (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin / CRC ‘Episteme in Motion’, Freie Universität Berlin), Joshua Hillman (University of Leeds), Francesco Luzzini (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin), Volkhard Wels (CRC ‘Episteme in Motion’, Freie Universität Berlin), Simon Brandl (CRC ‘Episteme in Motion’, Freie Universität Berlin), David Gentilcore (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Pietro Daniel Omodeo (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
4.00 M
file pdf2020, December 14th - Interactive Online Workshop
Creating digital text corpora from archival materials
837 K
file pdf2020, October 6th - Brainstorming meeting
Robert Szaj, Telewizja Polska, TVP Nauka "A Documentary Film Devoted to Copernicus in Italy"
0.91 M
file pdf2020, July 6th - Interactive Online Workshop
Sean Winkler, Vienna Circle Institute "Quantum and Materialist Dialectics: Dynamics and Statistical Regularity in Hessenian Marxism"
482 K
file pdf2020, May 6th - Interactive Online Workshop
Matiaz Vesel, Institute of Philosophy-Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana "The Nature of Copernicus’s Hypotheses"
2.60 M
file pdf2020, April 22nd - Interactive Online Workshop
Vittorio Morfino, University of Milano Bicocca, "The Marxist Tradition Against the Grain: On Plural Temporality"
1.41 M
file pdf2020, April 6th - Interactive Online Seminar
"Arguing about the Stars on the Southern Side of the Confessional Divide" - A seminar with individual preparation aimed to discuss working papers on early-modern cultural politics of Cosmology. Scholars involved in the publication project: Alberto Bardi (Polonsky Academy for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences - Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Rodolfo Garau (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Luis Miguel Carolino (Lisbon University Institute ISCTE-IUL), Flavia Marcacci (Pontifical Lateran University, Rome), Craig Martin (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Tayra Lanuza Navarro (University of Valencia), Pietro Daniel Omodeo (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Nydia Pineda (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Jacomien Prins (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
3.21 M
file pdf2020, February 19th
Stefan Heßbrueggen, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, "Et spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas. Mosaic Physics And Life In the Young Leibniz"
2.70 M
file pdf2020, January 24th
Daniel Garber (Princeton University, Department of Philosophy), "Telesio’s Iter Gallicum: Telesio in 17th C France" and Guido Giglioni (University of Macerata, Department of Humanities), "Sense and Consciousness in Bernardino Telesio". Presentation and discussion on the book “Bernardino Telesio and the Natural Sciences in the Renaissance” by the editor prof. Pietro Daniel Omodeo
1.14 M

Bernardino Telesio and the Natural Sciences in the Renaissance

file pdf2020, January 8th
Mariangela Priarolo (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), "Finalism without Finalism. Malebranche and Preformation" and Charles Wolfe (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), "Expanded mechanism and/or structural vitalism: further thoughts on the animal economy"
0.92 M
file pdf2019, December 18th
Maria Emanuela Scribano (Ca' Foscari University of Venice), Barnaby Hutchins (Ghent University), "Rethinking Early Modern Vitalism"
587 K
file pdf2019, December 11th
Anna Jerratsch, MPIWG Berlin, "Religious Contexts of Discourses on Nature. The Comet of 1577 in Early Modern Germany"
1.44 M
file pdf2019, November 27th
Matteo Cosci, University of Padua, "Galileo under cover: Pseudonymous Writings on the New Star", discussant: David Juste (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich)
710 K
file pdf2019, November 20th
Nydia Pineda de Ávila, Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México & Visiting Researcher at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, "The moon as a space of dispute: confessional and institutional agenda in lunar nomenclature in the seventeenth century"
1.27 M
file pdf2019, October 30th
Ofer Gal, University of Sydney, "Baroque Astronomy. Doing without the eye: Descartes naturalized epistemology"
1.84 M
file pdf2019, October 18th
Cassirer scholars, "Ernst Cassirer on Renaissance Thought"
556 K
file pdf2019, October 1st
Stephen Howard, KU Leuven, "Kant on the Boundary of the World"
1.05 M
file pdf2019, September 18th
Presentation by the author H Darrel Rutkin of the book "Sapientia Astrologica: Astrology, Magic and Natural Knowledge, ca. 1250-1800", discussants: David Juste (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich) and Monica Azzolini (University of Bologna)
0.92 M
file pdf2019, June 19th
Hannah Marcus (Harvard University) and Cynthia Klestinec (Miami University), "Discussions on the History of Medicine"
5.18 M
file pdf2019, June 18th
Guido Giglioni (University of Macerata) and Matteo Martelli (University of Bologna), "A Conversation on Medieval and Renaissance Studies on Science"
1.59 M
file pdf2019, June 12th
Luca Guzzardi, University of Milano - Dipartimento di Filosofia, "Politics of Collaboration: The Case of Astronomy and Observatory Sciences in the Late Eighteenth Century"
660 K
file pdf2019, May 30th
ERC EarlyModernCosmology-K4U Joint Conference "Mettere ordine al mondo: prospettive logiche ed epistemologiche su scienza, natura, società"
1.07 M
file pdf2019, May 23rd
Razieh-Sadat Mousavi (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science / Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Jonathan Regier (Ghent University), Alberto Bardi (Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University), "Cosmology in Early Medieval Islam - Through the lens of al-Fargha¯nı¯’s Elements of Astronomy"
1.44 M
file pdf2019, May 21st-22nd
ERC-EarlyModernCosmology Workshop "Marsilio Ficino’s Cosmology: Sources, Reception, Historiography"
1.49 M
file pdf2019, April 11th-12th
Flavio D'Abramo, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, "Integrating science and politics: Ecological Developmental Biology and its historical roots"
1.43 M
file pdf2019, March 29th
Senthil Babu (IF Pondicherry & Visiting Ca' Foscari University of Venice) and Roy Wagner (ETH Zürich), "Political Economy of Computational Work in History: The case of the Vernacular Math Traditions in India"
715 K
file pdf2019, March 20th
Silvina Paula Vidal, National Council of Scientific and Technological Research / Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina), “Giordano Bruno’s metaphor of the Spanish conquest as a "swallowing whale"”
1.41 M
file pdf2019, March 7th
Gerardo Ienna, University of Bologna - Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione, “Introduzione alle radici francesi dell’epistemologia storica”
1.21 M
file pdf2019, March 6th
Sascha Freyberg, Pietro Omodeo and Giulia Rispoli (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin), with the participation of Gerardo Ienna (University of Bologna, Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione), “Boris Hessen’s textbook on Classical Physics in the context of early Soviet approaches to historical epistemology”
643 K
file pdf2019, February 21st
Ralph & Dagmar Neuhäuser, University Jena - Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory, Jena, “Astrophysical and cultural relevance of historical celestial observations - examples from the 16th and 17th century”
1.65 M
file pdf2019, February 21st
Stefano Gulizia, New Europe College, Bucharest, "Nicolaus Andreae Granius: Physics and Cosmology at Helmstedt”
1.10 M
file pdf2018, December 5th
Jean Sanchez, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, “Astrology in modern France”
1.05 M
file pdf2018, Novembre 22nd
Doina-Cristina Rusu, University of Groningen and Visiting Scholar at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, “Cosmology and Redemption in Anne Conway’s Metaphysics”
2.61 M
file pdf2018, October 17th
Stefan Zieme, HU Berlin, "Interpreting Art through the History of Science. Adam Elsheimer and the Renaissance Night Sky"
1.57 M
file pdf2018, September 5th
Alberto Bardi, Deutsches Studienzentrum in Venedig, “The Astronomical Manuscripts of the Bessarione Collection at the Marciana Library”
768 K
file pdf2018, June 18th
Dana Jalobeanu, University of Bucharest - Roberto Bondì, University of Calabria, “Telesio and Bacon: a conversation on Renaissance science and philosophy”
728 K
file pdf2018, June 4th
Ana Simões, University of Lisbon - Claudia Stein, University of Warwick - Roger Cooter, University of London, “Perspectives on epistemology and politics”
1.42 M
file pdf2018, March 20th-21st
Bruno scholars, "Brainstorming for an Opera Dedicated to Bruno: Renaissance Science, Philosophy, and Art"
457 K
file pdf2018, March 2th-3rd
"Towards an Ethical-Political History of Early Modern Science", the ERC-EMC editorial project
0.92 M
file pdf2017, December 12th
"Edition Open Access Berlin", the ERC-EMC editorial project
0.91 M
file pdf2017, November 13th-14th and 15th-18th
“Verum factum: Perspectives in Political Epistemology”, the ERC-EMC book series
226 K

Colloquia in Venice

Colloquia of the ERC - Early Modern Cosmology group on projects. These regular research meetings take place at Malcanton Marcorà (Aula Valent) at 4:00 p.m.


  • 2020, June 12th, online h. 11 a.m. (ERC plenum). Reading of Watts "Epidemics and History"
  • 2020, June 4th, online (Early Modernists). Early Modern Writing Workshop: Omar del Nonno "Beyond the Method: Baconian Legacy in the Development of Spinoza’s Account of Imagination"
G. Bertini, Galileo and the Doge, 1858.
  • 2020, May 27th, online (Political Epistemologists). Reading and discussion of Braidotti "The Posthuman"
  • 2020, May 20th, online (Early Modernists). Early Modern Writing Workshop: Discussion on the paper "The Political Epistemology of Campanella’s Astrology" by Pietro Daniel Omodeo and Darrel Rutkin 
  • 2020, May 13th, online (Political Epistemologists). Discussion on Haraway
  • 2020, April, 27th, online (Early Modernists). Discussion on working papers by group members
  • 2020, March 30th, online h. 11 a.m. (Early Modernists). Discussion of Foucault and Rose on biopolitics
  • 2020, March 23th, online h. 11 a.m. (ERC plenum). Discussion of Sokal, Pseudoscience and postmodernism: Antagonists or fellow-travelers?
  • 2020, March 13th, online (Political Epistemologists). Discussion of Merchant, "The Death of Nature: Women, Ecology, and the Scientific Revolution"
  • 2020, February 5th (ERC plenum). Discussion of "The Fall of Man and the Foundation of Science" by P. Harrison
  • 2019, December 6th – Pietro Daniel Omodeo, discussion on the book: “Political Epistemology”.
  • 2019, June 12th - Marco Storni, “Institutions and Politics in the Debate over the Shape of the Earth, 1666-1740”
  • 2019, May 6th - Jacomien Prins, “Marsilio Ficino’s Timaeus Commentary: Musical Speculations of a Renaissance Interpreter”.
  • 2019, April 15th - Gregorio Baldin, “Against Aristotle and Metaphysics: Paolo Sarpi’s Natural Philosophy”. 
  • 2019, March 20th - Rodolfo Garau, “Manuscript draft on the introduction to my book on the concept of conatus”. Discussant: Omar del Nonno
  • 2019, February 4th - Francesca Putignano, “Feminist Standpoint Theory: an Overview of Historical Roots and Epistemological Issues”. Discussant: Sascha Freyberg
  • 2019, January 16th - Matteo Fornasier, “Echoes of Renaissance Thought in Academic Medicine and Botany in Paris (XVI-XVII centuries)” Discussant: Rodolfo Garau
  • 2018, December 19th - Omar Del Nonno, “The behaviour of the free man in the Ethics and the Tractatus politicus”. Discussant, Gregorio Baldin.
  • 2018, December 5th - Sascha Freyberg, “Ethico-political Consequences of Cosmology: Edgar Wind on Kant‘s Antinomies”. Discussant: Omar Del Nonno. 
  • 2018, November 22nd - Jacomien Prins, “Marin Mersenne: Harmonist at the Heart of the Scientific Revolution”. Discussant: Darrel Rutkin.
  • 2018, October 17th – Gregorio Baldin, “Temporal power, spiritual power and potestà de’ prencipi: Politics and political theology in Sarpi and Hobbes”. Discussant: Rodolfo Garau
  • 2018, October 3rd - Darrel Rutkin, “What Makes Early Modern Cosmology ‘Early Modern’?: Reflections on and a Suggestion for a Historical Periodization Scheme”. Discussant: Pietro Omodeo.
  • 2018, September 26th - Pietro Omodeo, “Political Epistemology of Early Modern Cosmology.”

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