Green organic synthesis team (GOST)

Research group

Maurizio Selva, Full Professor
Alvise Perosa, Full Professor
Giulia Fiorani, Associate Professor
Roberto Calmanti, Post-Doctoral Grant Holder
Davide Rigo, PhD Student
Emanuele Amadio, Research Grant Holder
Carlotta Campalani, PhD Student


EcoHemp Srl (Padova)

Research topics


The skills are declined in the green chemistry area, in particular for the implementation of clean organic syntheses with innovative catalysts, low toxicity solvents, reagents and products of renewable origin, continuous flow processes, reactions and extractions even in the presence of supercritical carbon dioxide.

Research is also under way in the field of biomass valorisation through new extraction and transformation processes.

A research area has been recently activated on the synthesis, characterization and use of carbon-based nanoparticles (carbon quantum dots) for applications in the field of medical imaging and photocatalysis.


The Green Organic Synthesis Team can meet the needs of chemical companies in the area by offering research and development services, analytical support, scientific advice and technical support, with a view to improving chemical production processes from an environmental sustainability point of view.

GOST carries out training activities aimed at PhD students and research fellows also in partnership with companies with the aim of linking advanced training and technology transfer.


Local businesses in sectors requiring research and development in the technological field with particular emphasis on the following sectors:

  •     chemistry
  •     pharmaceutical
  •     cosmetic
  •     polymers
  •     biorefineries
  •     lubricants, detergents, plasticizers, etc.

It is also aimed at external partners interested in activating research services and collaborations.

Last update: 02/07/2024