Staff account and e-mail

Password change / retrieval

The password to access the unive account must be changed at least every 6 months. If you need to change it, you forget it or if it has expired, then you can go to [ITA].
In case of any doubt please see the information about your main and secondary accounts [ITA] (their status, their expiry, etc.).

Account renewal or role change request

Before applying for an account or renewing or modifying it, see who can apply for an account [ITA]  and carefully read the guidelines [ITA] on its allocation and access rights.

Account request

If you work for Ca’ Foscari and you want to get a University account, go to the page account request.

Account renewal

If your unive account has expired and you have received a request to renew it, then go to the page account renewal.

Modify role

If your work role has changed at Ca' Foscari (and consequently your type of account), then go to the page modify role.

Other problems and support requests

You can open a support ticket in two ways:

  • if you manage to log in to the Personal Area of the site then you can open a ticket in the “Account” category
  • if you are unable to access the site, write to

Authentication system

Thanks to the University Authentication system, all Ca’ Foscari employees have unique login details to access online applications and services, such as email and Google Apps for Education services, university Personal Area, electronic library resources, etc.

Remember not to share your password with anyone, not even with university staff. Any requests for personal passwords is online fraud (phishing).

E-mail account

Gmail e-mail service

Every employee is normally entitled to only one account. For any further requests or special circumstances contact
The email service is managed by the operator Google, according to the following user policies: 

The e-mail service is one of many free services available from the operator Google, as part of an agreement with the University.

Access to the email account

You can access your e-mail by clicking on the "Webmail" link on each page of the site. 

You will need to type the institutional login details (login and password, the same those used to access the Personal Area of the site), click on "Access to the service" and after that fill in the OTP field.

University employees can keep their email account even after retirement.

If you check your email via webmail, you can check the logins made to your inbox. After the list of emails, the writing is shown on the bottom-right:
" Last account activity: ... minutes ago
By accessing the Details you will find a detailed description of the logins made to your mailbox.

Last update: 19/06/2024