Spazio Ascolto 
A free counselling service for all Ca’ Foscari students

Reasons to request the service

How are you experiencing life at university?
Is everything going smoothly or are you feeling a certain distress and discomfort in approaching your studies and attending courses? Are your relationships with friends and family sometimes difficult? Do you feel very anxious about exams? Is something bothering you? Do you think you might need some help?
A psychologist can help you put your difficulties in focus and understand how to move on.

How to access the service

The service is accessible via reservation and allows you to have up to 3 individual meetings.
Book your appointment.
When booking, you can indicate if you would prefer to meet in person or remotely.
For the Italian Sign Language interpreting (LIS) service and other inquiries about the accessibility, you can write to

In-person meetings

In-person meetings are held in the "Spazio Ascolto" Room located in Ca’ Foscari, the university’s main administrative building, on the second mezzanine floor. 

Remote meetings

On the day of the meeting, you will receive an email in your university email inbox containing a Gmeet link that allows you to access the service. The reservation is strictly personal.

Last update: 26/05/2023