Let’s talk about you: what is your background, what do you teach, and what are your research interests?
I am basically a ‘native’ because I spent my whole university career at Ca' Foscari, so I hope to be a positive example of the quality of teaching in our programmes. I currently teach three courses: the second module of "Databases" and the course of "Computability and Formal Languages" in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme, as well as the second module of "Security" in the Master’s Degree Programme. My research focuses mainly on computer security and formal methods, with emphasis on web security.

What are your professional references?
I had the good fortune to work with outstanding researchers since the beginning of my PhD and I will never cease to thank them. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, I realise how full a university professor's schedule is and I appreciate even more the time I was given. So my professional references are in my own small circle: I only trust what I have had first-hand experience with.

Which is the area you have always wanted to be involved in but have not yet had the opportunity to explore?
For years now, I have been working on very practical problems, but my background remains theoretical and you never forget your first love. Automatic verification is my great passion: thinking that a computer can show security properties fascinates me a lot. It's something I've studied and even played around with during my research, but I've never delved into it as deeply as I'd like. Take it as a job offer if you want to do your PhD...

Have you always known that this was going to be your path?
Actually, yes. When I was a kid I wanted to be an inventor, Gyro Gearloose was my hero. I think I came as close as I could...

Can you offer any advice to researchers in the early stages of their career?
I would say that passion for research should not be stifled by the sirens of the job market. Informatics is a field that offers many career prospects, but the opportunity to research what we love is a privilege that only the university can give us. Those who have a strong passion for informatics MUST do research, even if only for the time of a PhD, then there will be plenty of time to make your own professional considerations. It is not wasted time, but rather a huge opportunity for growth that can open doors to extremely rewarding careers.

Last update: 14/02/2024