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All students enrolling in a Bachelor's degree programme at Ca’ Foscari are required to have certified English proficiency at level B1 or above. If you do not have supporting certification or if you fail to pass the CLA language test, you will be required to meet Additional Language Requirements in English (OFA): this requirement must met by 30 September of the year after enrolment; after this date, you will no longer be allowed to take any further exams until you have done so.
Students enrolling in subsequent years of a Bachelor's degree programme – inter-university transfer, intra- or inter-faculty transfer, or enrolment with credit recognition – must meet Additional Learning Requirements at the time of their enrolment: they will not be allowed to take any exams until they have met these requirements nor may they participate in the eligibility tests organized for freshers.

Furthermore, for the Bachelor's degree programme in Language, Civilisation and the Science of Language, to insert English or Anglo-American language into the study plan, understanding of English language at level B2, at least, is expected.

Students who have not been exempted may take the B1 English test up to 3 times during the first year. After this, if the test has not been passed, it will no longer be possible to take any exams. The three attempts are free of charge.

Please note that registering for the test means that one attempt will be counted even if the test is not taken. If the student decides not to take the test after registering, he/she will have the opportunity to cancel the booking only while registration is still open, so as not to lose one of the attempts.

Failure to attend will result in exclusion from the test.

Once you have registered, it is not possible to change the time of the test.

Newly enrolled students will only be able to enrol for the test after completing their chosen study plan, following the official procedures.

It will not be possible in any way to accept registrations for the OFA B1 test after the closing date of the lists, nor will it be possible to request a change of time.

It is possible to register as long as places are available, choosing only one day within the same session.

To register for the OFA B1 test, access the Reserved area with your personal credentials (student number and password) and follow Student Secretarial Services - ESSE3 > Examinations > Sessions (showing the calendar of examinations in your university record) >; search for "CLA B1" educational activity and proceed with registration for the test.


August 2024 -Test registration from 16/07/2024 to 30/07/2024

Test dates Times Available places Classroom
Monday 05/08/2024 9.00 8 Palazzina Briati - Aula Multimediale
Monday 05/08/2024 11.30 28 Palazzina Briati - Aula Multimediale
Monday 05/08/2024 9.00, 11.30 50 Palazzo Moro
Tuesday 06/08/2024 9.00 28 Palazzina Briati - Aula Multimediale
Tuesday 06/08/2024 9.00 50 Palazzo Moro

September 2024 - The registration from 13/08/2024 to 27/08/2024

Test dates Times Available places Classroom
Monday 02/09/2024 9.00, 11.30 28 Palazzina Briati - Aula Multimediale
Monday 02/09/2024 9.00, 11.30 50 Palazzo Moro
Tuesday 03/09/2024 9.00 28 Palazzina Briati - Aula Multimediale
Tuesday 03/09/2024 9.00 50 Palazzo Moro

September 2024 - The registration from 03/09/2024 to 17/09/2024

Test dates Times Available places Classroom
Monday 23/09/2024 9.00 28 places per exam session Palazzina Briati
Monday 23/09/2024 9.00 50 places per exam session Palazzo Moro


Results of the B1 English language test from the last and previous sessions.

Exemptions and certifications

Check exemptions and all certifications recognised by the University.

Structure of OFA B1 English language test

The B1 English computer test is 1 hour 30 minutes and is divided into four parts. Each part has a countdown timer.

  • Listening Test: 30 minutes - one monologue and two dialogues, with multiple choice and true/false questions. Each passage can be listened to twice.
  • Grammar Test: 25 minutes - three sections with:

    • 40 individual sentences to complete
    • 5 sentences in a short text to complete
    • 1 text made up of 5 sentences to complete.

    For each question the correct answer must be chosen from three alternatives in a dropdown menu.

  • Vocabulary Test: 15 minutes - 20 sentences on specific themes to complete by choosing the correct answer from three alternatives. 
  • Reading Test: 20 minutes - two tasks based on two different texts:

    • a newspaper article with 5 multiple choice questions, choosing the correct answer from three alternatives  (a, b, c)
    • a cultural based text with 10 sentences, deciding whether these are true or false

The final score is attained through a weighting of the four results so that each part of the test is evaluated out of 25, total 100 points.

The passmark of the exam is 60/100.

This section shows a model OFA B1 English test. 

The simulation familiarises the student with the test structure and types of questions but it should not be considered preparation for the test itself. 

Please note that the simulation can be done online without losing the right to take the OFA B1 test at the CLA in the sessions scheduled. 

The simulation is conducted in the same way as the test itself: the passmark is 60%; incorrect answers or unanswered questions are not penalised but given zero points. 

Access the simulation using your Ca’ Foscari username and password.

All Ca’ Foscari students can do optional free online courses to prepare for the OFA B1 test.

Last update: 02/07/2024