Master's Degree Programme in
History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage

Supplement to the MA certificate in IMACS - International Master in Cinema Studies


Coordinators: prof.ssa Miriam De Rosa
Departiment of Philosophy and Cultural

IMACS is a specific pathway within the MA History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage (Contemporary Arts Curriculum) that allows a highly selected number of students to enhance their degree with two semesters spent abroad in two different universities. This results in a supplement to the regular MA certificate.

The 17 universities belonging to the IMACS network are prestigious higher education institutions where film and media studies modules and research are delivered at the highest standard of excellence. They are: Birkbeck College London, University of St. Andrews, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Universidad Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Università degli Studi di Udine, Università degli Studi Roma 3, Université de Lille, Université de Liège, Université de Montréal, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Université Paris Nanterre, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Stockholms Universitet, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia.

You will be able to enrol into an existing MA course where specific modules are offered to IMACS students from all over the world.

Upon successful completion of your modules, if you enrol to IMACS at Ca’ Foscari, you will obtain the following degrees:

  • MA certificate in History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic from Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice;
  • Supplement to the MA certificate in IMACS - International Master in Cinema Studies.

Admission requirements

The IMACS pathway is reserved to students of the Master’s Degree in History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage at Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice (curriculum Contemporary arts) exclusively. The entry minimum requirements are consequently those of the above-mentioned programme. Please refer to the Admission page.

How to apply

In order to participate in the IMACS programme, students must fill in the application form which is published every year on this website. Students are expected to email the application form available for the download on this webpage to the local coordinators alongside with the following documents:

  1. A 2-pages project where they identify their main research interest. This may comprise a sub-field within film and media studies, any significant authors, artists, case studies of particular interest, the selected methodology that is potentially intended to inform their MA dissertation and up to 8 essential literature references;
  2. An exchange project where they detail 3 mobility destinations to be selected among the universities belonging to the IMACS network and explain the rationale behind such choice (i.e. why the university x is the most suited to develop a project on y?).

The key information are specified in the application. Please not that if you did not obtain your BA certificate yet, but you are in the process of ending your undergraduate studies, you can indeed apply for IMACS, as long as you obtain your BA certificate by the fall exams session.

The submission deadline for the IMACS academic year 2023/2024 is September 4th 2023. Applications must be in by midnight CET.

Shortlisted students will find their name published on this webpage, as per the details included in the application form.

If you are shortlisted and you already have an undergraduate certificate, please make sure to enrol by October 2nd 2023. Any delay causes the exclusion from the programme. If you are shortlisted and you do not have an undergraduate certificate as of yet but you are going to obtain it in the fall, you will have the opportunity to enrol from October 3rd to December 19th 2023.

Applying for IMACS students declare they have read and accepted the terms and conditions available on, including those of the universities belonging to the network.

If you hold an international entry qualification, before starting the application process for the IMACS programme, please make sure you have completed the pre-evaluation procedure and that you have all the requirements for international students to enrol in the Master's degree programme. Please pay particular attention to the admission rounds and their deadlines: if you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad you can apply until 21/04/2023; if you are EU-citizen or equivalent (a citizen from a non-EU country of the Schengen Area or a non-EU citizen holding a stay permit valid for enrolment) you can apply until 23/06/2023.
Further information is available at "Degree-seeking students" webpage.

Studying abroad

The destinations of your periods abroad (mobility 1, M1 and mobility 2, M2) will mainly be determined by students’ choices where these ensure an appropriate correspondence between the project research area and the specificities of the chosen university. Such correspondence is verified case by case by the IMACS Pedagogical Board, which comprises the local coordinators of all participating universities and has the faculty to confirm or decline the destination requested by students. This rule applies to all universities in the consortium.

Selected students will be contacted by the local coordinators to discuss their M1 and M2 destinations, while the staff from Ca’ Foscari Welcome Unit will provide all the necessary information regarding the steps to be taken before, during and after the periods of study abroad (second semester of the first year and the first semester of the second year).

Funding and fees vary upon the selected university. Further information is available in the webpage of each university on You are warmly suggested to look up the universities of your interest on the website and make contact with the local coordinators in case you have any further questions.

Outgoing students enrolled at Ca’ Foscari must complete their study plan upon enrolment and anyway during the first semester of the first year, that is, before leaving for their first period abroad (M1). The Ca’ Foscari local coordinators will support IMACS students, while students will have the opportunity to personalise their study plan when abroad with the support of the IMACS local coordinators. You can inquiry with prof. De Rosa in case you have any questions regarding the equivalences between modules to be taken abroad.

All academic activities offered abroad, including any internships, may be included in your study plan and allow you to gain the correspondent university credits (ECTS/CFU) if appropriately included in your learning agreement. The learning agreement must be approved and signed off by the Ca’ Foscari local coordinators prior to leaving for your exchange abroad.


In order to submit their Request to Graduate, students must follow the procedure that is required to all Ca’ Foscari students.

In addition to receiving your MA degree from Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice, you will receive the IMACS Diploma Supplement.