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Structure Title Details
Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies Forms of diffusion and appropriation of European Literature in Early Modern Scandinavia-DEADLINE May 28th 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME-Based on previous scholarship on the transmission in print of early modern European and Scandinavian literary works (Richter 2009; Schlusemann et al. 2023), the project aims to analyse the diffusion of the most popular narrative subjects at European level in early modern Northern Europe
Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies SINCRETISM AND HYBRIDIZATION IN ICELANDIC CHIVALRIC SAGAS-DEADLINE May 31st 2024 AT 12:00 ITALIAN TIME- The project consists in the study of a group of original riddarasögur ('knights' sagas'), composed in Iceland during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, characterized by the presence of an important religious component that distinguishes them from other texts of the genre: the Bærings saga fagra ('Saga of Bæring the Fair'), the Dámusta saga ('Saga of Dámusti') and the Mírmanns saga ('Mírm