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Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati
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Orario ricevimento online a.a 2021/22: mercoledì ore 11.00, Palazzo Cosulich  Office hours 2021/22  wednesdays 11.00 in Palazzo Cosulich.
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Pubblicato il 09/05/2022

LMJ090 Information for non attenders


The final exam will consist of

'Parte lettorato': a critical essay (500 words) on one of the books studied during the year in the lettorato; a translation from Italian to English of a journalistic type text OR a free standing essay (500 words)

For more information contact Maria McQuillan.

'Parte modulo': a presentation (10-15 mins) on an aspect of English today, agreed in advance with me; a 250 word abstract supporting the presentation, delivered to me by email attachment (Word document) at least two days before the exam; a discussion of the presentation; a brief discussion of two other topics from the course.

The course can be accessed on the moodle platform at

Pubblicato il 09/05/2022

RIC 2021-22             EXAM FOR NON ATTENDERS       Group P-Z (Newbold)

The exam consists of two parts: a written part, and an oral.

For the written part, you will

  1. write an essay (400 words) on a motion discussed during the course, in which you outline arguments for and against the motion, and reach a conclusion in favour or against.
  2. Write a summary (100 - 150 words) of a short audio text on a theme relevant to International Relations.

For the oral part you will choose from a short list of three topics taken from the motions debated during the course. You will be given time to think about the topic, before discussing it for about ten to fifteen minutes with the examiner. This part of the exam may also be done as a pair discussion, with another candidate.

To review the debates you may access the course moodle on

The exam will last approximately three hours.

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