21 Set 2023 09:00

Social, Sovereign and Geopolitical Risks - 22nd International Conference Credit 2023

Palazzo Franchetti, S. Marco, 2847, 30124 Venezia

GRETA Associati (Venice, Italy), CRIF (Bologna, Italy), European Datawarehouse (Frankfurt, Germany), European Investment Bank (Luxembourg), European Investment Fund (Luxembourg) and Intesa Sanpaolo (Milan, Italy) are partners in organasing a Conference to be held in Venice on September 21-22, 2023.

The C.r.e.d.i.t. 2023 conference will bring together academics, practitioners and PhD students working in various areas of financial and socio-economic risk with the aim of creating a unique opportunity for participants to discuss research progress and policy as well as industry-relevant insights and directions for future research.

The conference, organised under the auspices of the Department of Economics and VERA - Venice centre in Economic and Risk Analytics for public policies (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), ABI - Italian Banking AssociationAIAF - Associazione Italiana per l'Analisi Finanziaria and AIFIRM - Associazione Italiana Financial Industry Risk Managers, is the twenty-second of a series dedicated to various aspects of credit risk.

Recent years have seen a series of crises (from health/pandemic to climate/energy) that have not only put a strain on global mechanisms previously seen as robust,  but have exacerbated existing weaknesses and so increased vulnerability in new crisis situations. The social impact of the pandemic was partially mitigated by public interventions but social conditions then worsened with the soaring costs of energy, raw materials and inflation more broadly. Social and energy costs, which inevitably weigh on invidual countries and aggravate already delicate local situations (e.g., public debts), have led to growing geopolitical tensions, with global systemic consequences. The C.r.e.d.i.t. 2023 conference will be dedicated to Social, Sovereign and Geopolitical Risks to discuss, evaluate and address the near- and medium-term macro-financial impact of persistent crises (“permacrisis”) that can affect the stability of financial as well as socio-economic systems.

The final program will include both submitted and invited papers. Acceptances received so far from invited speakers include Elisa Giuliani (University of Pisa), Helen Rey (London Business School), Roberto Rigobon (MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge) and Moritz Schularick (Sciences Po Paris & University of Bonn). The Conference will also include panel discussions on the major issues at stake with the views of researchers', practitioners' and policy makers and a session dedicated to the EU funded project TranspArEEnS.


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Department of Economics - Ca' Foscari University of Venice, GRETA Associati, Algorand Foundation, CRIF, European Datawarehouse, European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund, Intesa Sanpaolo


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