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COVID-19 information hub

As the coronavirus, or COVID-19, has spread to many nations across the globe over the last weeks, it has become clear that the virus neither heeds national borders nor respects cultural differences. As a result, it is as a global community that we will overcome the pandemic’s challenge. Ca’ Foscari and its community thank everyone for doing their part, from governments to individuals, around the world.

12 VERA Academy internship grants: the call is open until July 6th

12 internship grants are available for an internship at VERA Academy of the Department of Economics. Internship will take place between July and December 2020 (maximum duration 4 months). The total funding for each internship will be € 1,843.31 (gross salary). Candidates can choose from 14 training projects to be followed in close contact with the professors and researchers of the Centre of Excellence VERA.

The Coronavirus and Financial Stability

The spreading of the Covid-19 virus causes a reduction in economic activity worldwide and may lead to new risks to financial stability. The authors, including Loriana Pelizzon, draw attention to the urgency of the targeted mitigation strategies on the European level.  Coordinated action at European level is decisive to prevent markets from losing confidence in the resilience of banks, particularly in countries with limited fiscal capacity. In contrast to the euro crisis of 2011, the cause of the current crisis does not lie in the financial markets; therefore, the risk of moral hazard for banks or states is low.

New UNESCO Water Chair at Ca’ Foscari

The UNESCO Chair on Water Heritage and Sustainable Development will involve a team of geographers coordinated by prof. Francesco Vallerani and Eriberto Eulisse, respectively Full Professor and Technical Administrative Staff of the Department of Economics.