30 Apr 2021 15:00

A desired future for urban metabolism management: Scenarios simulations, big data and AI


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"A desired future for urban metabolism management: Scenarios simulations, big data and AI"

Marco Casazza
Department of Science and Technology, University of Naples "Parthenope"

30th April 2021, 3 PM

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The eleventh Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) aims at making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. However, the still-growing trend of urban population, which is projected to globally increase by roughly 40–67% until year 2100 generates several environmental, economic and social challenges, that must be faced to meet the SDGs. This is why a preventive and community-specific approach would be necessary to face the growing unsustainable demand of resources and to reduce the process of environmental degradation generated by anthropogenic activities.
The growing research on big data, together with the development of Artificial Intelligence and simulation techniques would constitute a perfect benchmark to implement anticipatory planning roadmaps for managing the flows of resources toward circular economy patterns, as well as the reduction of environmental pressures to meet the need of a safe human space within the existing planetary boundaries. However, such a desired future, toward a sustainable management of urban metabolism, requires to overcome the existing disciplinary dichotomy between environmental monitoring and environmental accounting.
This seminar aims at opening a discussion on current research challenges on urban metabolism, where simulations, big data and AI approaches could make a difference for meeting the 11th SDG and for facilitating the transition toward a better management of urban areas.  

Short Bio:
Dr. Marco Casazza, Ph.D. Master Degree in Physics, University of Torino. Specialization Diploma in Sanitary Physics (environmental address), University of Torino. International Doctorate in Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development. ), University of Napoli ‘Parthenope’. Holder of the Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Associate Professor in Applied Physics (FIS/07).
Currently, Marco Casazza is research scholar at the Department of Sciences and Technologies at the University of Napoli ‘Parthenope’. Moreover, he is Acting Secretary / Assistant Coordinator and co-responsible for International Academic Relations of Sino-Italian Academic Network ‘Matteo Ricci’.
Marco Casazza research deals with environmental multi-parametric monitoring, accounting and management. His research interests are focused on human-technology-environment interactions, environmental impact assessment, environmental security. Part of his work is focused on the urban environment, developing scenarios of resources consumption, based on stock-flow modelling and simulations. Lately, he adapted implemented such simulation tools to study the system dynamics of complex diseases, such as Multiple Myeloma.
Marco Casazza is Associate Editor of “Frontiers in Environmental Sciences” and Editorial Board Member of “Environmental and Sustainability Indicators” (Elsevier). 


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