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2019/2020 Syllabus of previous years
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LT5041 (AF:255960 AR:166521)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Semester
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The module of Spanish Language 3 is formed by a teacher module and by practical exercises of language. Its goal is to offer the students the materials for both the study of the lexicon in the phraseological area and the translation, remarking the major contrastive aspects between Italian / Spanish language through a communicative approaching.The linguistic knowledge corresponds to a C1 of the European Common Frame of Reference level for the languages (CEFR).
The goals of this teaching are: to develop the domain of the lexical units and to put in place the strategies that define the studies of the mediation.
- Knowledge and understanding
The lexical units and its Spanish and Latin American varieties , the phraseology and the formation of words, and the communicative strategies of level C1 of the CEFR.
-Ability to apply knowledge and understanding
Understanding specialized Spanish lexicon and the phraseology and translating and interpreting the textual tipologies. Analizing the contrastive aspects; using the learned knowledge for the creation and production of written and oral texts; interacting in Spanish language in the indicated situations of the level C1.
-Independent judgment
Applying the learned knowledge in the teaching for the production of written and oral sentences; valuating the use of the lexical units in different contexts; practising communicative strategies of the level C1.
-Communicative abilities
Recognizing the contrastive aspects of the lexicon and the phraseology; applying the linguistic terminology for defining the phraseology; interacting in the communicative situations indicated in the level C1.
-Ability to learn
Undertaking and planning the study of the materials given by the teacher; selecting the bibliography and the electronic resources for improving the knowledge of the lexical units and its varieties, the phraseology and the formation of words, as well as the own linguistic competence, ability to self valuate regarding the acquired contents.
Have passed the previous courses of Spanish Language
Teacher module
Study of different aspects of the Spanish lexicon, as well as its varieties; the phraseology, the phrases, the collocations and the enunciations; the formation of words.

Exercises lessons
Exercises of lexicon and phraseology in different sectors; comment of different types of text.
The material given by the teacher during the lessons is valid to reach the training objectives of the theoretical course.

Further reading:
Bosque, I. Redes. Diccionario combinatorio de español, Espasa, Madrid, 2004.
Corpas, G. Manual de fraseología española (Ed. reducida), Gredos, Madrid, 1997.
RAE, Nueva gramática de la lengua española, Espasa, Madrid,2009.
Luque Toro, L., Manual práctico de usos de la fraseología española, Verbum, Madrid, 2012.

Exercises lessons
Luque Toro, L., Medina Montero, J.F., Frente a Frente 2, Lengua y cultura españolas para italianos, Logos, Modena, 2007.
The learning will be verified through a written test and and oral test. The written test is aimed to verify the student's knowledge regarding the the lexicon, the phraseology and the formation of words. During the written exam the student will be evaluated using a grade that goes from 1 to 30. The oral exam will work as a qualifying examination in which the student will be asked to show his theoretical and communicative competence of the Spanish Language of the level C1 of the CEFR. The qualification for the oral exam will be idoneus or non-idoneus.
The minimum score in order to pass this module is 18/30.The oral test of the exercices lessons of the assistant teacher will take place before the exam session starts.
Frontal teaching interacting with the students about the analized topics. Exercises lessons. Exercises of autoevaluation.
In order to record the qualification is necessary to have reached the minimal attendance in the lessons, according to the rules.
written and oral
Definitive programme.
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