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2019/2020 Syllabus of previous years
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LT003A (AF:277683 AR:165958)
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6 out of 12 of ALBANIAN LITERATURE 2
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Semester
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This course is among the characterizing teachings of the course of study in Language, civilizations and language sciences. It aims to provide a general understanding of Albanian literature of exile and emigration and related problems of identity, culture and language.

The course aims to introduce to the knowledge of the main phenomena that have determined the phenomenon of migration from Albania to Italy at the end of the twentieth century and the development of an Albanian literature outside the borders of the national state. This knowledge must include the ability: a) to frame a literary text in its context and comment critically; b) to apply the acquired knowledge; c) to interpret the data; d) to communicate the reflections raised by the texts; e) to reflect independently on authors, themes and texts treated; f) to communicate the literary phenomena treated with appropriate language.
It is required a minimum knowledge of Albanian Language in order to read literary texts.
This course aims to sketch the essential lines of the cultural context that gave rise to the phenomenon of migration of Albanian writers from Albania to Italy and France in the late twentieth century. It will consider their literary production, the use of both Albanian and Italian languages, the link with the homeland and their adapting to the new land. Various critical methodologies will be presented in order to allow students to acquire (for the Albanian Literature course 1) and consolidate (for the Albanian Literature course 2) analytical and philological skills in relation to the literary texts examined.

Robert Elsie 'Historia e letërsisë shqiptare', Tiranë-Pejë, 1997.
Ornela Vorpsi 'Il paese dove non si muore mai', Einaudi, 2005.
Anilda Ibrahimi 'Rosso come una sposa', Einaudi, 2008.
Ron Kubati 'Va e non torna', Besa, 2000.
Elvira Dones 'Vergine Giurata', Feltrinelli, 2007.

Further bibliographical references will be indicated during the course.
The written exam will verify the knowledge of the contents of the course and the ability to interpret the proposed texts. The exam will include two general questions about the program and two questions on the novels. Students will have to show that they know the contents and the characteristics of the novels and they have to show their ability to make a critical comment.
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