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The course is one of the peculiar trainings of the Degree in Business Administration and Management.

The course consists of two modules: the first allows you to acquire the knowledge of the functions performed by markets and financial intermediaries, in particular commercial banks, for the management and development of companies; the second module, object of this course, permits to acquire knowledge of the problems connected to the financial management of industrial and service companies, with reference to the investment policy, to the choices of financial structure and to the determination of the cost of capital.

After the presentation of the typical problems faced by the financial directors and their objectives, the second module of the course deals, specifically, with
- the principles of Corporate Governance,
- the financial planning process,
- the financial decisions of the companies, with particular attention to investment decisions and to the various evaluation methods that can be adopted,
- the choice of appropriate financial structures and
- their impact on the determination of the cost of capital
Knowledge and understanding of:
- the typical problems faced by the financial directors: investment, financing, liquidity
- the financial planning process
- different investment valuation criteria
- alternative financing methods and their impact on the cost of capital

Abilities to apply knowledge and understanding:
- ability to identify the forms of finance available to the company and the best alternatives
- ability to evaluate a company and the financial debt or equity instruments available on the market

Judgement capabilities :
- capability to compare the various possible investment options for investors, formulating relative convenience evaluations based on risk and return profiles;
- capability to critically evaluate the financing opportunities offered to companies by the financial market and by financial intermediaries.
The course assumes student are knowledgeable of the Principles of management and international accounting, with particular regard to the structure of the annual financial report and the main financial statement ratios
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Financial planning
Bonds, Shares and Company Valuation
Net Present Value and other investment rules
Risk, Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting
Financial Structure: basic concepts
Financial Institutions & Corporate Finance - McGraw-Hill
2019 edition

Universita' Ca' Foscari Venezia
Department of Management
The exam is in written form, without the possibility of consulting notes or books, and consists of three sections.
The first section is a set of 5 multiple choice questions: for each question the correct answer is worth 2 points, the incorrect answer - 0.5, no answer 0. This section verifies the general knowledge of the course contents.
The second section consists of an open question that aims to verify the knowledge of a topic of the course and the ability to express it clearly. The answer to this section is worth 0-10 points.
The third section consists of an exercise that aims to verify the ability to apply the concepts learned to specific problems. The solution of the exercise is worth 0-10 points.
The overall grade is the sum of the scores of the three sections.
The grade of the module will then be averaged with that obtained in the first module.
Frontal course that also uses teaching modules (slides, simulations of exam exercises) available on the e-learning platform of university
Participation in the Stock Market Game, already started in the first module, provide the course also with elements of active participation.
Accessibility, Disability and Inclusion
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Ca ’Foscari applies the Italian Law (Law 17/1999; Law 170/2010) providing for support and accommodation services to students with disabilities or specific learning disabilities. If you have a movement, visual, hearing or other disabilities (Law 17/1999) or a specific learning disability (Law 170/2010) and you need support (assistance in the classroom, technological aids for conducting exams or customized exams, accessible format material, retrieval notes, specialist tutoring to support the firm, interpreters or other) please contact the Disability and DSA office

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Human capital, health, education" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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