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2019/2020 Syllabus of previous years
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CT0384 (AF:280178 AR:157680)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Semester
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The main educational objective of the course in Architectural Restoration is to allow to recognize and describe the characteristics of a building of ancient construction, its processes of transformation and degradation, the events of failure, the possible shortcomings, the potentialities that it offers, the different ways in which its shortcomings can be compensated and the usability problems solved.
The educational objectives of the course are summarized as follows:
- analysis and framing skills of architectural artefacts with respect to their construction methods, the role played in the history of material construction;
- knowledge of italian cultural herotage laws;
- ability to distinguish the main phenomena of deterioration and instability;
- basic knowledge of theories of architectural restoration;
- basic knowledge of the main intervention techniques.
The minimum prerequisites are:
basic knowledge of architectural history;
basic knowledge of the notion of cultural heritage.
Attention is focused in summary:
- on the definition of orientations and theories of architectural restoration, in order to make known and describe the main theoretical positions of the discipline, starting from the founding fathers up to the most recent methodological declinations;
- on the role of knowledge of architectural heritage starting from the survey and on the development of the ability to recognize constructive and morphological characters;
- on analytical and diagnostic readings, in particular on the tools for identifying and describing the changes produced by degradation phenomena and by transformation processes (stratigraphic reading);
- on the description of the techniques for recognizing the processes of structural damage to buildings, also in the context of seismic events, also with a view to introducing safety, consolidation and seismic prevention techniques;
-on the ability to interpret and read the architectural restoration project intended in all its components, in particular focusing the theme of the relationship between the conservation and restoration specialist interventions related to the individual components and the whole.
Alll the books suggested are in italian.
The assessment evaluation of the learning will consist of an oral interview, in which the candidate must demonstrate that he has acquired the contents of the course and a bibliography that will be agreed during the course.
The lessons will be mainly carried out in the classroom, using power point presentations with images and captions. It is hoped that guided tours will take place.
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