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The course intends to promote the knowledge and the ability to interpret the normative context that regards the labor market and contractual relations of work. The student will acquire skills in labor law legislation with particular attention to the regulatory dynamics determined by globalization and the digitization of the economy. The student will acquire a technical-legal language and the aptitude for the reconstruction of the normative data in the light of the guidelines of the politics of law and of the conditioning that derive from the market and from economic science.
1. Knowledge and Comprehension
1.1 Know the regulatory system concerning contractual labor relationships, interpreting it in the light of the multilevel evolution of regulatory sources.
1.2. Know the institutions of labor law and trade union law and, in particular, the system of individual and collective rights
1.3. Interpret the evolution of the world of work and of the types of employment contracts, understanding their impact on the personal and professional life of individuals.
1.4. Understanding work as an instrument to fulfill the employees' ambitions and to improve social inclusion

2. Applying knowlede and comprehension
2.1.Know how to qualify and then identify the different contractual forms of employment and the consequent system of protection.
2.2.Know how to identify and then link the multilevel regulatory sources that insist on labor law both in the internal dimension and in supranational dimension
2.3. Apply the normative and jurisprudential data within the reference context, highlighting the purposes and critical aspects of the regulatory sources.

3. Judgement Skills
3.1. Interpret the law
3.2. Critically elaborate the regulatory sources with particular reference to the relationship between national and supranational dimension and multilevel jurisprudence
3.3. Resolution of practical cases related to labor law litigation.
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Labour in the globalisation era; Industry 4.0 and the impact on labour market; the sources at national and supranational; the actors, the collective bargaining and the strike; employee versus self - employment; the contractual labour relationship; the transformation of enterprise and its impact on labour rights; the crise of the enterprise
The book will be suggest at the beginning of the course
1) Team work (oral presentation and written paper) during the Course
2) Written Exam at the end of the Course
Lessons, Case studies, Team Work

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Circular economy, innovation, work" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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