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The course is an interdisciplinary activity of the Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business.
The course aims to describe the main ways in which the economic and personal activities take legal form in INTERNET, rather than in markets and in the real world of material relationships. In particular, the aim of the course will focus on the European strategies relating to the Digital Single Market, whith reference to the implementation of e-commerce and cross-border trade; and later to the regulation and protection of Personal data (Regulation UE GDPR 2016/679), also with regard to the main legal issues raised by social media (Facebook and other).
1. Knowledge and understandings
1.1 Understand the multilevel legal system which governs the today private relationships on Internet.
1.2 Knowledge of the legal institutions object of the program of the course.
1.3 Understand the role of the studied legal institutions and how they govern private relationships and conflicts on Internet.

2. Ability to apply knowledge and understandings
2.1 Ability to set relationship with juridical relevance, both personal and economic, in the legal frame.
2.2 Ability to find the legal provisions applicable to a certain situation.
2.3 Ability to determine which legal provision finds application to solve conflicts or regulate a certain human relationship (both economic and personal).

3. Judgment
3.1 Being able to interpret legal provisions in a multilevel context.
3.2 Being able to identify, distinguish, relate different principles and legal provisions belonging to different sources of the multilevel system.
3.3 Facing a hypothetical conflict o private relationship, finding the provisions or the institutions to solve or manage the situation.
None prerequisite is required. Useful the basic knowledge of private and public law.
The Law in the INTERNET era.Dematerialization and relocation of the rights.INTERNET Autorities
-E-commerce and consumer protection
-The EU strategies for the Digital single market (geo -blocking, online and digital content sales)
-The Problem of personal identity protection in INTERNET. Social networks and protection of rights
-Rules of personal data . The EU Data Protection Regulations - 2016. The Free Flow of Data Initiative in the context of the Digital Single Market. The role of the Authority
Referral texts

Giusella Finocchiaro, Diritto di Internet, Zanichelli Editore Bologna, 2020. The following parties are not included:
-Cap.2, parr. 5.2.1 and from 5.3. to 5.5
-Cap.3, pagg. from 101 to 113
-Cap. 7 e 8 not included

Additional materials in the Moodle platform
Students will have to report the contents of the texts. Results of workshops will be assessed: see section below.
Workshops and cases. Uber, Google Spain, Schrems cases in front of International Courts
Further information will be available on the e-learning platform (Moodle)
Additional materials (e.g. summaries, further readings, sample tests) will be made available online to the students.
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