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2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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CT0157 (AF:306348 AR:172444)
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2nd Semester
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Teaching is one of the courses chosen by the course of study and provides an introduction to the creation, management and maintenance of information systems, namely the design, identification of hardware and software solutions and the analysis of such solutions, with an IT-oriented problem solving approach.
Knowledge and understanding:
- knowledge and understanding of the main services that may be present in the IT of companies;
- comprehension and assessment of the complexity of IT systems and the ability to select suitable hw and sw for modeling and provision of services.

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding:
- problem solving and system analysis skills;
- system design and maintenance capabilities;

Judgment skills
- Know how to formulate and argue solutions, also developing a critical approach to the evaluation of alternative solutions. Ability to work in a group.
Knowledge of the architecture of an operating system, knowledge of networks and of the tcp stack, basic knowledge of the hardware of a computer.
The ability in procedural programming and a good ability to use databases are preferable.
Hardware server, Networking, Nas and San, Cloud.

I Filesystem (s).

Installation of an Operating System.

Shell (Bash).

Network Services, Authentication (Systems), Electronic Mail, Distributed File Systems, WWW / WEB, Firewall, Backup, Virtualization. Docker
Amministrare Gnu/Linux di Simone Piccardi - Truelite
The exam consists of a online (moodle) written multiple question report on the whole program to verify the knowledge obtained, and in a project to be carried out on one of the course topics. If you want, you can upgrade your valutation with a small oral exam.
The purpose of the project is to verify the student's ability to create a system that is able to manage at least one of:
- one or more websites or
- e-mail or
- authentication.
- A docker container system
Slide, exercises in lab.
written and oral
Definitive programme.
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