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The course is retained fundamental in the undergraduate program for those wishing to approach an in-depth study of contemporary art history, its system and its development during the 19th and 20th century. It shall allow to recognize artworks of the 19th and 20th century and to put them into their historical context; further it shall enable to discover the most important artistic movements of the considered period and the related critical literature, as well as to consider the cultural, social and economic aspects that influences the development of the field of the visual arts in the Western world.
This is the first part of the course titled HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY ART (12 cfu), followed by the second part HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2. For the Academic Year 2018/19 this course (Letter B) is perfectly alternative to the course (Letter A), hence it can be attended in sostituito of the latter.
1. Knowledge and understanding: knowledge of correct terminology; knowledge of main artists' poetic and artworks, groups and movements in the field of visual arts;
2. Ability to apply knowledge and understanding: knowledge of how to use a specific terminology and ability to recognize relevant artists and artworks based upon the classes and bibliography; acquiring an interdisciplinary view on the development of contemporary art;
3. Ability to understand: capability of analyzing an artwork or the poetry of an artist or a group/movement among those studied in the course, referring the previous to a correct temporal and cultural scope; being able to discuss art history with due language and correct formal analysis;
4. Communication skills: adequate knowledge of linguistic habits and theoretical paradigms required in the field of visual arts; producing a written essay or presentation that expresses a critical and well-founded opinion on the visual arts;
5. Learning abilities: learning to access and critically explore resources on contemporary art and its system, both online as well as at an institutional (museums, galleries, collections etc.) and bibliographic level (magazines, exhibition catalogues etc.).
A preliminary knowledge of the art historical development in Europe during the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries.
Visual arts, art system and its institutions in Europe and USA in the XIX Century with cross-referenced topics ranging up to the XX Century.
Main bibliography (used by the teacher for this course):
> M. Facos, "An Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Art", Routledge, 2011
> J. House, "Impressionism: paint and politics", Yale University Press, 2004

Optional bibliography (one of the following art history volumes on the art of the XIX century):
> G. Bertelli, C. Briganti, "Storia del'arte italiana 4", Bruno Mondadori, 2009
> Cricco, Di Teodoro, "Itinerario nell'arte" (versione gialla), Zanichelli, 2006, voll. 4-5
> G. C. Argan, "L'arte moderna 1770-1970, Sansoni
Three open questions (out of a wider number) about the main topics studied during the course, plus recognition proof of artworks/authors dealt with during the course.
The course is designed in a blended methodology consisting of:
- Lectures on relevant topics in the history, aesthetics, sociology and economics of contemporary art;
- Presentation of the most relevant movements and artworks through slideshows and documents;
- Seminars on specific case studies or readings in original language comprising texts by relevant artists, critics and thinkers.
During the course period students will be encouraged to visit museums, exhibitions or online resources related to the course topics.
Guest speakers and guest lecturers might be invited to hold short presentations on topics related to the course.

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Poverty and inequalities" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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