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LT2220 (AF:330916 AR:203472)
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This third-year course aims to perfect the skills gained in the first two years of the BA course in Lingue, Civiltà e Scienze del Linguaggio (literary and cultural path) and to strengthen the students’ basic knowledge of the history of English literature and culture. It will focus on Shakespeare, his historical and cultural context, and the ways in which his plays are adapted into new contexts, particularly our present anthropocenic moment.
The course aims to improve the students’ ability to use analytic instruments and methods, as well as to make autonomous judgements. The course, also in view of the writing of their BA dissertation and of further study, will enhance their skills in academic writing and in oral communication of the results of their research.
Classes will be held in English. Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of Shakespeare.
In this course we will do things with Shakespeare. We will read him, translate him, play him, play on him, play fast and loose with him, We will concentrate on a single play – a controversial comedy with tragic connotations – to investigate its relevance for our own times. We will be reading THE MERCHANT OF VENICE's text(s, examining its contemporary interpretations, performances, and adaptations on stage and screen in light of relevant themes such antisemitism, racism, and speciesism; capitalism and debt; gender, sexuality and LGTBQ+ themes; love and desire, rage and fear, emotions and emotional communities. Students will work in group to discuss the play and make it their own by adapting and performing it in languages and media of their own choice.
W. Shakespeare, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, Arden Shakespeare Third series, ed. J. Drakakis, 2010.
(NB: you are allowed to use a second edition with Italian translation but you are still required to use the Arden Third Series edition because of the substantial differences between the various texts)
Critical essays available on Moodle page.
For attending students the final mark will be based on a continuous assessment system based on three group assignments and a 90-minute final individual written exam.
Non-attending students will be required to write a final research paper (16.000-20.000 characters) based on a list of give topics and additional readings.
Lectures, class discussion, online activities.
In case the university is not fully accessible during the semester, the class will take place in a blended or online format with no substantial changes to the programme.

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "International cooperation" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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