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EM1059 (AF:331160 AR:178264)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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The aim of this course is to introduce students to fundamental questions and approaches in the design of international organizations. The course will provide theoretical and practical knowledge on what organizational design is, what are the main dimensions, decisions, organizational solutions at different levels of analysis and intervention.
The course provides students with research, knowledge, cases and models to understand the organization of a company in an international environment and the decisions that a manager must make in the corporate internationalization process. The course will develop an in-depth analysis of organization design in international companies and stimulate critical discussion.
In particular, students:
- will learn what organizational design means, what are the main dimensions of organizational design based on the main theories of the organization
- will understand key organizational design decisions at different levels of analysis
- will learn analytical frameworks to manage the main challenges in the design of international
- will acquire the basic knowledge related to the management of human resources in international contexts
Basic knowledge on strategy and organization theories
The course comprises eleven sections:
- Competing in the global marketplace
- Strategy and Multinational Company
- Entry Strategy for MNCS
- Organization and Organizational Effectiveness
- Basic Challenges of Organizational Design
- Designing Organizational Structure: Authority and Control
- Designing Organizational Structure: Specialization and Coordination
- Creating and Managing Organizational Culture
- Types and Forms of Organizational Change
- Strategic Human Resources Management
- Managing Human Resources Globally
The course material is composed by slides, case studies, scientific articles, and book chapters. Book chapters:
• Gareth R. Jones, 2013, Organizational theory, design and Change, Pearson (7th ed.) (Chapter 1 Organization and Organizational Effectiveness; Chapter 4 - Basic Challenges of Organizational Design; Chapter 5 -
Designing Organizational Structure: Authority and Control; Chapter 6 -Designing Organizational Structure: Specialization and Coordination; Chapter 7 - Creating and Managing Organizational Culture; Chapter 8 -
Organizational Design and Strategy in a Changing Global Envinronment; Chapter 10 -Types and Forms of Organizational Change )
• Cullen J.B., Parboteeah K.P., 2009, International Business Strategy and the Multinational Company, Routledge (Chapter 1 – Competing in the Global Market Place; Chapter 2 - Strategy and the MNC; Chapter 9 - Entry
Strategies for MNCs)
• R.A. Noe, J. Hollenbeck, B. Gerhart, et. Al. Human Resources Management, McGraw Hill, 2016 10th global edition (Chapter 2 – Strategic Human Resources Management; Chapter 15 - Managing Human Resources
Assignments during the course and oral exam
Interactive approach based on
Case studies
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This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Circular economy, innovation, work" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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