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2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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FM0054 (AF:331578 AR:189969)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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3rd Term
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The course is aimed at those who look with interest at the issue of human resources management, favoring a cultural gaze centered on the development of people's talent.

The course will provide the conceptual, methodological and operational bases to analyze, design and manage training action to support the development of skills and talents in organizational systems (personnel selection, training needs analysis, training planning, corporate communication, methodology and classroom training, project management).

The course includes the use of case studies and design workshops with the participation of professionals and companies of national prestige.
know the basics of personnel selection
know the basics of staff development planning and strategy
know how to analyze organizational needs in organizational contexts
know how to design a training intervention
know how to analyze a work context to identify and plan training paths
Interest in the issues of human resource management. It requires a knowledge on pedagogical science and interest or basis of knowledge of management and economics.
The relationship between business and education
Organizational and political contexts of personnel management
The practical training in business environments
Profiles and skills: how to write a resume and addressing selection
Techniques and practices of training design
Funds and funding for training
The project management and training plan
Costa 2019, Formatività e lavoro nella società delle macchine intelligenti. Il talento tra robot, I.A. ed ecosistemi digitali del lavoro, Franco Angeli

for those who have not attended the course, this book is provided in addition
Costa M., 2016, Capacitare l'Innovazione,Franco Angeli
Attending : Project work

Not Attending : oral questions on the text book
lecture and staff management and development workshop.
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