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2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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EM4053 (AF:332402 AR:178756)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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3rd Term
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The course aims to explore the theme of business model innovation. It will provide an overview on how corporates change their value proposition to customers and underling operating model to gain, preserve or enhance their competitive advantage. In particular, it will focus on how the fourth industrial revolution and the digitalization process has led to an reshape of the business models. The course will deepen the proposed topics both theoretically and practically, through the presentation of real business cases with the involvement of managers and entrepreneurs. Front lessons and corporate testimonials lessons provide students with creative and effective tools to address the issue of the business model innovation and value proposition design. The knowledge learned will then be applied and tested through an assignment that will allow students to assess an innovative business model theoretically and practically with a company case study
• Know the most advanced conceptual frameworks emerged in the field of business model innovation
• Apply the fundamental theoretical constructs in the field of business model innovation to different situations
• Master the impact of digitalization on business models innovation
Business administration, Strategy planing & control systems I
• Lecture 1: Business Model Innovation
• Lecture 2: Digital Business Models
• Lecture 3: Artificial Intelligence
• Lecture 4: Blockchain
• Lecture 5: Other digital technologies
• Lecture 6: Data Driven BM in theory
• Lecture 7: Data Driven BM in practice
• Lecture 8: Platform BM in theory
• Lecture 9: Platform BM in practice
• Lecture 10: Smart Factory BM in theory
• Lecture 11: Smart Factory BM in practice
• Lecture 12: Servitization BM in theory
• Lecture 13: Servitization BM in practice
• Lecture 14: Digital Business Model Integration
• Lecture 15: Digital Transformation Process
• Slides and book drafts will be provided by the professor
• Suggested books
o S. P. Choudary, M. Van Alstyne, G. G. Parker (2016), Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy--and How to Make Them Work for You, WW Norton & Co.
o A. Annarelli, C. Battistella, F. Nonino (2019), The Road to Servitization: How Product Service Systems Can Disrupt Companies’ Business Models, Springer Nature.
o M. Iansiti, K.R. Lakhani (2020), Competing in the Age of AI, Harvard Business Review Press
• Suggested reports
o J. Bechtold, C. Lauenstein, A. Kern, L. Bernhofer (2017), Industry 4.0 - Sharpening the Picture beyond the Hype, Capgemini Consulting
o M. Mansard, J. M. Cagin (2019), Reaping the recurring benefits of industry 4.0, Zuora & Roland Berger
o D. Wee, R. Kelly, J. Cattelan, M. Breunig (2015), Industry 4.0 - How to navigate digitization of the manufacturing sector, McKinsey Digital
o A. Albarelli, C. Bagnoli et al. (2020), Gli impatti di IA e di Blockchain sui modelli di business, Strategy Innovation Forum
The evaluation will be based on an individual written assignment to be discussed orally during the exam
• Presentation of the toolkit and frameworks
• Case study discussion
• Lessons from guest speakers (managers, professors and entrepreneurs)
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