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2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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LM2580 (AF:333077 AR:181282)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Semester
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The thematic seminar is built according to a multi-disciplinary approach, and it will focus on "the cities" in South Asia with projections in the Karakoram/Hindukush and towards the Iranic world.
The seminar is organised in 15 lectures with the contributions of experts from this University and external researchers.
Capacity to synthesise and connect the different themes presented during the seminar, although with different degrees, and according to the individual background and study curricula.
Not necessary. Basic knowledge of South Asian cultures is though preferred.
Lecture 1 - (with Prof. Compareti) - Across the Oxus: Cities in Sogdiana, Margiana, and Ferghana (in English)
Lecture 2 - (with Prof. Compareti) - Città ideali e palazzi reali: planimetrie e simbolismi spaziali in Sogdiana e oltre (Ideal cities and real palaces. Space and symbols in Sogdiana and beyond)
Lecture 3 - (with Prof. Compareti) - The archaeological site of Kāfer Qal‘a (Samarkand) (in English)
Lecture 4 - (with Prof. Compareti) - The Living and the Dead: Sogdian tombs in China (5th-7th century CE) (in English)
Lecture 5 - Le città dell'impero kushana (possibly in English: Cities of the Kushan Empire)
Lecture 6 - (with Dr. Bagnera, ISMEO) Una città del Khorasan (X-XII secolo): Shahr-e Gholghola (Bamiyan). Una nuova lettura
Lecture 7 - (with Prof. Dahnhart) - Urdu-i mu'alla: lingua e cultura letteraria nella Shahjahanabad dell'ultimo periodo Mughal
Lecture 8 - (with Prof. Squarcini) - [title t.b.d.]
Lecture 9 - (with Prof. Drocco) - [title t.b.d.]
Lecture 10 - (with Prof. Beggiora) - Jagannāth il 'Signore dell'Universo' e lo Śaṅkhā Kṣetra di Puri (Odisha – India)
Lecture 11 - (with Prof. Vidale - Università di Padova) - Lo spazio della civiltà dell'Indo: le città (possibly in English: The space of the Indus civilization: the cities.
Lecture 12 - (with Dr. Iori - Max Weber Kolleg) - Spazi urbani, spazi religiosi, spazi produttivi. Il caso di Mes Aynak, Afghanistan (possibly in English: Urban, cultic, industrial spaces. The case of Mes Aynak, Afghanistan)
Lecture 13 - (with Prof. Pellò) [title t.b.d.]
Lecture 14 - (with Prof. Rigopoulos) [title t.b.d.]
Lecture 14 - [t.b.d.]
Lecture 15 - [t.b.d]

Will be communicated by the different speakers/participants.
The last part of every class will be devoted to active discussions on the main topics discussed.
Evaluation will consider attendance and the submission of a paper or presentation on one of themes presented during the seminar (see below).
Frontal classes with images and texts illustrated with Power Points. If necessary, the latter will be made available to the students before the end of the course on the University platform moodle.
The last part of every class will be devoted to actively discuss the main topics.
50% of the lectures will be delivered in English.
A paper or a presentation should be submitted to undertake the oral examination (see above).

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Cities, infrastructure and social capital" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

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