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2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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LM251K (AF:334222 AR:181056)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Semester
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L'insegnamento ricade tra gli insegnamenti caratterizzanti dei curricula dei corsi di laurea magistrali "Lingue e Civiltà dell'Asia e dell'Africa Mediterranea" e "Antropologia culturale, Etnologia, Etnolinguistica". I suoi obiettivi formativi rientrano nell'area di apprendimento delle competenze culturali e umanistiche.
Advanced knowledge of medieval Hebrew and of the issues, tools, and methods of textual criticism and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible.

Communicating capabilities:
- capability to express and process the contents of the course and the topic of the papers orally or in written form (in Italian or in English for non-Italian speaking students).

Learning capabilities:
- efficiently taking lecture notes in classroom;
- critically integrating different teaching materials (class notes, slides, handbooks, academic papers);
- independent, critical study of course-related topics not dealt in class;
- improving the student's capability to read and process materials in English.
No less than one year of study of Classical Hebrew.
The Disputation of Our Rabbi Yehi'el (Wikkuah Rabbenu Yehi'el): Jewish anti-Christian polemics in the wake of the Paris trial against the Talmud (1240).
Teaching and reading materials will be made available by the teacher in the Moodle page of the course.

Students must be acquainted with handbook on how to write an academic paper or dissertation is mandatory (recommended: U. Eco, "Come si fa una tesi di laurea. Le materie umanistiche", Bompiani, Milano 1977 and reprints; or else, M. Centanni - C. Daniotti - A. Pedersoli, "Istruzioni per scrivere una tesi, un paper, un saggio", Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2004).
The final evaluation mark will depend on:
50 % - attendance to classes and participation to discussion in class;
50 % - evaluation of a 30-40-mins. seminar presented in classroom or of a written paper.

The list of suggested topics and bibliographies for written papers will be made available to students via mailing list at the beginning of the teaching term. Papers are required i) to be in Word format, ii) not to exceed 30.000 characters (spaces included; front pages, summaries, and bibliographies are excluded from the count), and iii) to observe the editorial indications and rules for quoting bibliography explained in Eco's and/or Centanni's handbooks (mandatory readings)

Students non attending classes are required to submit two papers.
Translation and analysis of the text with seminar discussion of the topics in classroom, on the basis of weekly assignments.
Definitive programme.
Last update of the programme: 11/10/2021