Academic year
2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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FM0032 (AF:334428 AR:180672)
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Degree level
Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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4th Term
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The course aims to give students the essential methodological tools for manuscript cataloguing. Course objectives: learning the fundamentals of cataloguing, distinction of the main types of cataloguing, application of the different types of cataloguing to the different purposes of cataloguing.
Knowledge and understanding
Knowledge of the fundamentals of manuscript cataloguing
Knowledge of the main systems and types of manuscript cataloguing
Knowledge of the fundamentals of the electronic manuscript cataloguing

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding
Ability to apply the fundamentals of manuscript cataloguing
Ability to process the description of a manuscript on the basis of its typology and of the purpose of the work
Ability to process an electronic description of a manuscript on the basis of the principles learned

Judgment skills
To be able to evaluate the contents of a manuscript description

Communication skills
To be able to communicate the contents of a manuscript description, using an appropriate terminology

Learning ability
To be able to consult reference texts and the literature discussed during classes
Basic knowledge of the codicological, historical and cultural aspects of the manuscripts
Manuscript cataloguing in Italy and Europe: situation, problems and projects.

Mandatory texts:

Guida a una descrizione uniforme dei manoscritti e al loro censimento, a cura di V. Jemolo e M. Morelli, Roma 1990 (free at )

S. Zamponi, Iniziative di catalogazione di manoscritti medievali, in "Studi medievali", ser. III, 40 (1999), pp. 369-393

G. Barbero, Per la catalogazione dei manoscritti moderni, in "Bollettino AIB", 43 (2003), pp. 271-298 (free at )

P. Canart, La descrizione dei manoscritti greci: riflessioni di un catalogatore ‘tradizionalista’, in: La descrizione dei manoscritti: esperienze a confronto, Cassino 2010, pp. 71-90 (free at )

M. Maniaci, Il bibliotecario conservatore: quale offerta formativa, (22 pp.) (free at )

Non-attending students must read also: M.L. Agati, Il libro manoscritto da oriented a occidente. Per una codicologia comparata, Roma, L'Erma di Bretschneider, 2009, pp. 29-215
The exam is oral, and the student has to answer the questions in such a way as to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the subject to pass the exam.
Lessons will be carried out in a conventional manner.
Attendance is strongly recommanded.
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