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This class, among the modules in the bachelor’s degree in Humanities, curriculum in Science of the Literary Text and Communication, is meant to furnish students not only with basic knowledge of the main trends of Italian Literature in the centuries 17th-19th, but moreover with the theoretical and methodological tools to face the specific problematics to the discipline.
The class thus has some main objectives: to trace the development of the modern Italian literature by way of specific examples; to foster the autonomous ability of comparison and evaluation; to furnish the basic methodological tools of textual analysis. Particular attention is devoted to the centrality of the text, as an indispensable starting for whatever theoretical and critical discourse.
By the end of the course the student will know the historical and cultural context of the Italian literary civilization of the modern age (from 17th to 19th century) and will know how to use correctly the specific termonology of the discipline. It is expected to be able to understand, to analyze and to interpret the literary texts object of the course with the appropriate methods and tools, to identify and to examine themes, topics and ideas developed by the treated authors, to organize the contents in appropriate synthesis operating comparisons between texts, to formulate a reasoned judgment of value, to critically consult the assigned texts as well as the bibliography therein.
To adequately follow the lessons the student must have a good knowledge of the Italian language, recognize the fundamental formal and linguistic aspects of a literary text. The knowledge of Italian prosody, rhetorics and stylistics, acquired in the course of Italian literature - Metrical Forms and Style, should be a helpful preface to the material studied in this class.
Title of the course: "Reading and commentary of Leopardi's 'Canti' ".
Leopardi's biography. Leopardi in his times. Leopardi's works, with special reference to the "Canti". The progress of the "Canti" from the first one to the last edition. Prosodycal, stylistic and rhetorical peculiarities. Reading and commentary of a choice of the "Canti".
Referral text:
"Antologia leopardiana. La poesia", care of P. V. Mengaldo. Roma, Carocci

"Leopardi", care of F. D'Intino and M. Natale, Roma, Carocci.

Non-attending students must add the following essay to the programme:
G. Leopardi, "Canti", with an introduction and commentary of A. Campana, Roma, Carocci
The examination consists of an oral test, based on a reading and a commentary of some verses of the "Canti", as well as other questions on topics related to the course.
Lessons combine lectures with active student participation. Documents and materials will be available on the e-learning platform "Moodle".
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