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2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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LT0072 (AF:335977 AR:176590)
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Class 2
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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2nd Semester
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The course of German language 3 aims to consolidate a number of complex structural
properties of German and its similarities with and differences to Italian.
A focus is put on the differential use of passives and pronominal reference in
colloquial modern texts.
competence in forming complex phrases according to the context
competence in using syntactic structures appropriate in the comunicative situation
competence in translating parts of test from Italian into German
competence in evaluating different solutions of translation in an autonomous way and competence in discussing the options with adequate communicative ability
the starting level is B2+ for receptive abilities and B2 as far as productive abilities are concerned;
positive exams of German language 1 and German language 2;
complex syntactic structures like
different predicate constructions, lexical collocations;
the use of passive and impersonal forms;
the use of pronominal reference

exercises in translating from Italian into German
MITTELPUNKT NEU C1 LEHRBUCH: Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Fortgeschrittene, Stuttgart: Klett 2012.
MITTELPUNKT NEU C1 ARBEITSBUCH mit Audio-CD, Stuttgart: Klett 2012.

Helbig, Gerhard/Buscha, Joachim, DEUTSCHE GRAMMATIK. Ein Handbuch fuer den Auslaenderunterricht. Langenscheidt, Berlin-Muenchen, 2001.
Cardinaletti, Anna/Giusti, Giuliana, PROBLEMI DI SINTASSI TEDESCA. Unipress, Padova, 1996.
Saibene, Maria Grazia, GRAMMATICA DESCRITTIVA DELLA LINGUA TEDESCA. Carocci, Roma, 2001.
The learning success is verified by the way of a written exam that tests the acquired competence and the autonomy of judgment and the comunicative capacity of the candidate on the basis of the correctness and situational adequacy and adherence to relevant text style of
a short translation from Italian to German
exercises and discussions of examples of translations in context
the final exam consists in a written and an oral part (the oral part is optional)

the written exam contains two parts:

1) a test of text comprehension and writing (150 minutes) or alternatively an evaluated portfolio + oral exam (on the content of the portfolio text)

2) a translation of an Italian text into German

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