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2021/2022 Syllabus of previous years
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CT0582 (AF:337229 AR:178137)
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Bachelor's Degree Programme
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1st Semester
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This course will enable each student to understand the meaning and the potentialities of simple numerical algorithms; the students will learn to implement those Algorithms, and to perform simple correctness tests.
Each student can handle basic Numerical Methods. He is able to implement in Matlab simple Numerical Algorithms.
Each student must know the fundamental concepts of Infinitesimal Calculus in one and more variables and Linear Algebra.
Floating-point numbers. Notions of programming in MATLAB
- Numerical solution of nonlinear equations: Picard and Newton methods
- Data approximation and numerical interpolation
- Numerical integration
- Numerical methods for the solution of ordinary differential equations: Euler methods, Cranck-Nicolson, Runge-Kutta methods
- Finite difference and finite element methods for the solution of elliptic partial differential equations
- Conjugate gradient method for the solution of linear systems
A. Quarteroni, F. Saleri, e P. Gervasio. Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave. Springer Verlag, 2010.
During the course, the students must complete three or four assignments where will be requested to implement the analyze the numerical methods presented in the classes.
An oral test will follow, to discuss the results of the projects and verify the student's knowledge on the course topics.
Classroom lessons.
PC-based activities.
The moodle platform is exploited in order to propose assignments, and supplementary material.
Classes will be in English
written and oral
Definitive programme.
Last update of the programme: 11/03/2021