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2020/2021 Syllabus of previous years
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AM0001 (AF:337500 AR:178260)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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The acquisition of sustainability skills (cds) is based on voluntary activities, aimed at all Ca' Foscari students of any level and involves the provision of 1 extra-curricular credit.

The course can be therefore freely chosen by students, since it concerns transversal knowledge with respect to the curriculum, the activities can be carried out by students of each year of the degree course. It allows the student to deepen the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development - Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

Due to the persistency of the current health emergency it is not possible to establish now the precise teaching method adopted for this course. We can expect that the activities will be delivered in distance. The description provided here below applies to both cases, in presence or in distance.
Increased awareness of the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development - Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. More generally, along with the general objectives of the degree program and of the University, it aims to contribute to build awareness of these objectives and the ability to integrate this awareness into one's own study interests.
Expected results:

A) Knowledge and understanding

a.1) understand (some) of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Goals)
a.2) know the main ways to achieve the Goals
a.3) understand the issues related to the implementation of the Goals

B) Application of knowledge and understanding:
b.1) be able to implement some actions aimed at achieving the Goals
b.2) be able to understand how to integrate the Objectives into the economic context

C) Judgment skills:
c.1) distinguish the socio-economic choices that tend to achieve the Goals from those that operate in the opposite direction
No prerequisites required.
The teacher agrees with the student the theme and the modalities of his personal study.
Writing of a report (4-10 pages) on the activity carried out followed by an oral interview.
The teacher supports the student in his work.
To register the sustainability credit, it is necessary to include Sustainability Skills in the Study Plan.

This subject deals with topics related to the macro-area "Poverty and inequalities" and contributes to the achievement of one or more goals of U. N. Agenda for Sustainable Development

Definitive programme.
Last update of the programme: 20/08/2020